Understand the Stages of Mitosis and Cell Division

During Mitosis, DNA is replicated during the S phase (Synthesis phase) of Interphase

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Prokaryotic cells undergo binary fission to replicate into two separate cells whereas more complex stages are involved in the cell division cycle of eukaryotic cells.

There are four distinct phases in the cell cycle - G 1 phase, S phase (synthesis ..

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The first stage of cell division is interphase which is divided into 3 phases; G1, S and G2. The cell cycle starts with G1 (Gap phase 1) during which the cell grows larger. This is followed by phase S (synthesis) during which the genome is replicated. Finally, G2 (gap phase 2) is the second growth phase which separates the newly replicated genome and marks the end of interphase.
The fourth stage is mitosis which is divided into prophase, metaphase, anaphase and telophase. During mitosis the spindle fibers attach to the chromosomes and pull sister chromatids apart. This stage separates the two daughter genomes. Finally, cytokinesis is the last stage during which the cytoplasm divides to create two daughter cells. In animal cells the cell is pinched in two while plant cells form a plate between the dividing cells.

Between mitosis (M) in a previous cell cycle and DNA synthesis (S) there was a time gap

In phase, the cell undergoes phenomenal growth by taking in all the nutrients it needs to undergo cell division and by synthesizing all necessary enzymes to prepare for the next stage.

G 2 phase is a period of rapid cell growth and protein synthesis during which the cell prepares ..

DNA replication occurs in the synthesis or S phase of the Cell Cycle

All dividing cells must go through the process of DNA replication. Since cancer cells are often rapidly dividing, this phase of the cell cycle is the target of many of the agents that will be described in the section. Some examples include doxorubicin, cyclophosphamide, carboplatin, cisplatin, topotecan and etoposide (VP-16).