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Dr. Eliot C. Dick director of respiratory virus research lab at University of Wisconsin used iodine-treated kleenex in US personnel at McMurdo Station in Antarctica. In a 1979 experiment he observed a 50 percent reduction in respiratory illnesses. In my own practice I have had many reports by patients who found that a gargle of ten drops of potassium iodide in a glass of water, with or without additional vitamin C, relieved sore throat in a matter of hours.

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Iodine prevents paralytic polio. Dr. J. F. Edward of Manitoba reported on his extensive experience during the polio epidemics of 1953 and 1954. He referred to reports from a century before, such as one by Dr. Manson of England, recommending iodide in treating palsies, some cases of which must have been polio. The famous neurologist, Brown-Sequard, regarded iodide as the only remedy without danger in various forms of paralysis. Dr. Mazzitelli was completely successful with iodide to prevent polio in families with cases of polio. In 1931 the famous Dr. von Economo used iodine for human encephalitis and with favorable results.

Iodine heals thyroid disease by correcting iodine deficiency, hence curing the underactive colloid type of goiter. It also suppresses pituitary output of thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), hence removing the stimulus that causes toxic goiter. Carcinoma of the thyroid is known to regress after iodine therapy and Dr. Colletta and his group have shown that TSH induces oncogenes, called c-fos and c-myc, that cause thyroid cells to synthesize DNA. Deficiency of either thyroid or iodine can trigger the pituitary to increase production of TSH, hence promoting cancer growth in the thyroid and other organs. Clinical observations confirm that women with breast cancer have higher resting levels of TSH and a greater TSH response than women with disorders unrelated to the breast.

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On a more down to earth level, recall that iodine is excreted primarily in the urine. This offers a way of treating infections of the lower urinary tract. Recurrent urinary tract infections, especially bladder infections, are often responsive to a few drops of potassium iodide in at least a full glass of water, taken apart from meals so as to promote quick excretion. A single dose of 5 drops is sufficient to prevent relapse of bladder irritation, burning and urgency that so often occurs after sexual activity. In cases of mild infection, with bacteria in the urine but few pus cells, the iodide is preferable to antibiotic therapy.

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Seaweed and sponge have been used in treating goiter and tumors since antiquity but it was not until 1811 that a Frenchman, Bernard Courtois, discovered the active ingredient, iodine, in the ash of burnt seaweed. This breakthrough prompted much research in its day and by 1820 Charles Coindet published on the use of an alcohol tincture of elemental iodine and also a water soluble salt, potassium iodide, both still in use to this day.

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Iodide disinfects water at a concentration of 8 ppm. If the water is heavily polluted, use a double dose. A single drop of saturated potassium iodide provides 30 mg of iodine and when added to a liter of water this is 30 mg per 1000 grams, ie. 30 ppm, more than enough to disinfect.

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The English lagged behind the French in this field but by 1844 Dr. Thomas J. Graham, wrote about medical uses of iodine in his book . "It is a very active medicine and in all its forms is sometimes used with striking advantage in relieving the acute pain attendant upon hard and malignant swellings"..(and in cases of) "enlargement of the testes in men accompanied with severe pain, it is a valuable medicine, giving more speedy and effective relief than any other substance.."It has proved of uncommon service in some female complaints, especially in tumors of the breast and womb and in diseases of the ovaries."