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Polyacrylic acid was synthesized with H2O2-NaHSO3 as initiator and microwave as assistant

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Poly(acrylic acid), PAA, was prepared by controlled radical polymerization with reversible addition−fragmentation chain transfer. Using trithiocarbonic acid dibenzyl ester, 1, and trithiocarbonic acid bis(1-phenylethyl) ester, 2, as chain transfer agents (CTA), the polymerization is controlled for low ratios [AA]:[CTA]. At higher ratios, the polymerization is plagued by transfer to solvent. Transfer to polymer is also detected at high conversion, as shown by the presence of branches in NMR spectroscopy. In its neutralized form, PAA chains are not all terminated by a thiol end group, as shown by elemental analysis, thiol titration, and MALDI TOF MS. Finally, dispersion of CaCO3, kaolin, and TiO2 using these PAA reveals that the dispersion characteristics are significantly improved using low-polydispersity PAA.

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Applications: The Chemlube Plus Series is made with a thermal and oxidatively stable polyol ester (POE) blend. These full synthetic premium lubricants are formulated to form less varnish under high temperature applica- tions and to be more resistant to acidic intake air than the polyalkylene glycol coolants. Under normal operating conditions you can expect to obtain up to 11,000 hours of lubricant service life in rotary screw compressors.

In thepresent work, we have synthesized thermochromic polymer based on polyacrylic acid cobalt chloride (CoCl2) and phosphoric acid(H3PO4) that visually and reversibly changes colorin the temperature range (70 - 130°C).