Stereocontrolled organocatalytic synthesis of prostaglandin PGF2α in seven steps

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Previously, we demonstrated that PGF2α stimulatesIL-6 synthesis in osteoblast-like MC3T3-E1 cells (). In the present study, we examinedthe effect of Wnt3a on IL-6 release induced by PGF2α in thesecells. However, Wnt3a, which alone had little effect on the IL-6levels, did not affect the PGF2α-induced IL-6 release ().

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Since we previously showed that PGF2α significantlystimulates VEGF synthesis in osteoblast-like MC3T3-E1 cells(), we first examined the effectof Wnt3a on VEGF release induced by PGF2α in these cells. Wnt3asignificantly enhanced the PGF2α-induced VEGF release (). Amplification by Wnt3a wasdose-dependent at doses between 1 and 10 ng/ml. A dose of 10 ng/mlWnt3a resulted in a ~160% increase in the PGF2α effect.

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Sanity checks!
The title of the paper is “Stereocontrolled organocatalytic synthesis of prostaglandin PGF2a in seven steps” but gave “the product in just six steps”?
In the last step the phosphonium is one carbon short, and how can a 47% yield give 1.9 g of a lower-MW (lost the heavy TBS) product starting from only 1.4 g?
A couple of the sentences in the optimization paragraph are backwards. Normally you’s expect the 2nd aldol to be in favor of the intramolecular reaction and the second catalyst could not be present at the same time.

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