Synthesis of Logic Functions with Multiplexer Units

Using parentheses, the logic can share an adder for inputs b and c, as shown below.

Evolutionary Synthesis of Logic Circuits Using …

In fact, a ROM described with an array-of-array type and a variableinteger index as its address will produce the same circuit as the ROM specified in atwo-dimensional array and using the pla_table procedure.

Here is an example:For LeonardoSpectrum, special buffers can be assigned by using the BUFFER_SIGprocedure.

Evolutionary Synthesis of Logic Circuits Using Information ..

...e viewpoint of cost and speed. The use of multiplexer as Universal Logic Module (ULM) for realization of logic functions has already been explored by researchers. An algorithm was developed by A. Pal =-=[1]-=- to obtain single multiplexer realization of logic functions with a minimal size multiplexer. The limitation of this approach is that the size of the module changes with changes in function to be real...

Using Module Generation for such function would generate a large amount ofarithmetic logic when it is not required.

Exemplar Logic's module generation capability provides VHDL and Verilog HDLdesigners with a mechanism to overload data path operators, such as "+", "-" and">", with technology-specific implementations.

If you use integers as ports, all logic has to remain in place and synthesis algorithmsare faced with a complex problem.