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Quite frankly, I don't see the point in re-writing what is already a good summarization of things.

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KDD'09 for details.]
Other Research Topics: we are also applying the studied social network theories and data mining/machine learning algorithms to applications such as Social Recommendation (, , Cai et al., TKDE'13), Emotion Prediction (, IEEE TAC spotlight paper; ), Informatin Integration (, , , ), Social Context Summarization (),Social Content Alignment().

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The thesis focuses on automatic summarization of Slovene documents

Annotation Assignment
This assignment is about reading professional journals in your field and becoming familiar with the scientific method and the tone of professional writing. Articles published in professional journals go through a process in which knowledgeable people critique it and make suggestions (peer review). Try to select research that relates to your major, your option, or your interests. Articles must be current (after 2005). Our Oviatt library has a wide selection of databases and journals paid, in part, by your student fees. I encourage you to learn to use computer databases to select topics of interest and find various journals. Articles may be retrieved from the internet but must be cited as such. Choose an article where the author(s) describes the purpose/introduction, method, results, discussion and conclusion of a scientific investigation.

Slide 1 Keys to Successful Essay Writing Slide 2 A thesis statement is a one- sentence summarization of the argument or analysis that is to follow.

At the completion of the course, trainees should be able to recognize when it is necessary to account for time in the analysis of yes/no outcomes and appropriately summarize time-to-event data; be able to interpret the survival analysis model and assess the appropriateness and adequacy of the model; be familiar with issues in the design, analysis, and interpretation of studies involving time-dependent covariates; be able to apply analytic skills to the analysis of datasets taken from the fields of medicine and public health; and be able to develop oral and written communication skills through the description of analytic strategies and the summarization and interpretation of results.

02/01/2018 · Text summarization has emerged as an increasingly established field over the course of the past ten years