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One reason is that recycling can help save the earth from waste and trash build-up....

How to write down a strong Thesis Statement

I don’t know of any architectural paint that includes both aluminum and iron oxide nanoparticles together. There is no particular aesthetic, cost, or functional benefit to doing so and it’s obviously a recipe for thermite.

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These educational programs are made possible through a collaborative partnership by St. Tammany Parish Government, the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, the St. Tammany Parish School Board, the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation, LSU-Ag Center, Louisiana Sea Grant and the citizen’s support group, Friends of Camp Salmen Nature Park.

“Camp Salmen Nature Park is in itself, an outdoor classroom,” said Pat Brister, St. Tammany Parish President. “Collaborations like these, that help to educate our youngest citizens, are essential to keeping the history of places like Camp Salmen Nature Park alive in our community.”

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Some aerogels, made the right way, are certainly sustainable! Silica aerogels are appealing because silica is naturally found in the environment, although hydrophobic (water-proof) silica aerogel may not be as degradable. Using the right precursors, renewable energy, and recycling solvents, and with a recollection plan or built-in biodegradability, certainly aerogels could be made sustainably. Some organic formulations and biological polymer aerogels may be better candidates for sustainable aerogels, though.

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I had a discussion with Dr. Carlos López-Gómez of the of the University of Cambridge. We are currently collaborating to investigate foresight as a methodology for mobilizing knowledge in public decision making, with its possibilities and challenges examined closely through a comparative case study of manufacturing foresight in Japan, the United Kingdom, and other countries.

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Yarime, Masaru, "Innovation Systems of Smart Cities: A Comparative Analysis of Japan and the United States," R&D Management Conference 2016 - From Science to Society: Innovation and Value Creation, Churchill College, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, United Kingdom, July 3-6 (2016).

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I had a meeting with Dr. Robert Phaal and Mr. Yuta Hirose at the of the University of Cambridge. Sharing research interest in the field of innovation and technology management, we collaborate to explore future-oriented concepts and methodologies, including roadmapping, foresight, and horizon scanning, and examine their implications for strategic decision making in the public and private sectors in terms of both research and practice.

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is currently held at Churchill College in the University of Cambridge. I made a presentation on innovation systems of smart cities from an international comparative perspective.