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The processes of protein synthesis and possibly of breakdown(turnover) require sources of dietary energy and are thus sensitiveto energy deprivation. Consequently, the energy balance of the bodybecomes an important factor in determining nitrogen balance andinfluences the utilization of dietary protein.

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Even in the steady state, body proteins constantly undergo breakdownand resynthesis. When growth is occurring, not only is therea net deposition of protein, but the rates of both synthesis and breakdownare increased (). The principles underlying this process ofprotein turnover have been described in detail elsewhere ().

The type and sequence of the amino acids determine the type of protein. The DNA controls the production of different proteins, which is called protein synthesis.

The most vital aspect of proteins is that arrangement of amino acids determines their function.

Steps of Protein Synthesis

There are three major phases:Each of these phases are further subdivided into smaller steps.

In this phase, the pattern of nucleotides in the double coil DNA form are genetically converted into one strand of messenger RNA.