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What Is the Difference Between Continuous and Discontinuous DNA Synthesis?

is synthesized in the nucleus and is very similar to DNA

Enzymes like nucleases remove the wrong nucleotides and the DNA Polymerase fills the gaps.

Similar processes also happen during the steps of DNA Replication of prokaryotes though there are some differences.

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This process of DNA-directed protein synthesis occurs in two stages: 1) transcription (messenger RNA synthesis: copying the genetic information from DNA to RNA) and 2) translation (polypeptide synthesis: using the genetic information in RNA to make a specific chain of amino acids).

The initiation point where the splitting starts is called "origin of replication".The structure that is created is known as "Replication Fork".

2) One of the most important steps of DNA Replication is the binding of RNA Primase in the the initiation point of the 3'-5' parent chain.