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shooting four or five days a week and playing competitive soccer two times a week.

Horse riding and equestrian injuries are mainly due to falls

My pain was centered and slightly to the right in my lower back. At first Ithought it was just muscle pain but it never went away. When I exercised thepain would disappear and I would feel great. The day after I didn't want tomove, and the more I didn't move the more it would hurt! Sleeping was tolerablebut mornings were the worst. I'd have to sit on the edge of the bed for fiveminutes or so before I could walk. I'd stand in the shower for a long time somy back would warm up. Then there was the painful scenario of putting onpants/shorts, socks, and shoes. Almost impossible. I can go on and on abouthow my life was affected. It really made me sad when I couldn't either pickup my kids for a hug or kneel down to their level for one.

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While that all sucked it got worse because of the Occupational Therapists! Ohhow I hated those women who came once every day. They had the responsibilityof making sure you can do day-to-day tasks before being let go. For examplebeing able roll in/out of bed, going to the bathroom, putting onclothes/socks/shoes, walking up/down stairs, etc. As time goes on I'll forgetmore and more about my hospital stay but I will never ever forget those eviltherapist women!

Spondylolysis is more common in young athletes involved in sports such as throwing, tennis, baseball pitchers and fast bowling in cricket. Spondylolysis in both sides of the spine is often associated with or a forward slipping of a lumber vertebrae.