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and Dixon Effects of Mercury on Spermatogenesis J Pharmacol Exp Thera 1975: 194(1);171-181.

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Igf1) on zebrafish spermatogenesis in vitro revealed a stimulatory effect on the proliferation of spermatogonia and their entrance into meiosis, and demonstrated the ability to enhance 11-KT-stimulated spermatogenesis.

In this thesis, the cell fates in nephrogenesis and spermatogenesis were studied.

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The mechanism behind the inhibition of spermatogenesis in this in vivo model is negative oestrogenic feedback on the brain-pituitary system causing a reduction of expression of factors responsible for androgen synthesis, ultimately leading to reduced testicular androgen production.

In mice overexpressing GDNF in the testis, spermatogenesis was arrested and large clusters of spermatogonia accumulated in prepubertal animals.

of pathological tissues fixed for only a few hours in NBF may
frequently be required for practical reasons, but don't expect such
methods to result in nice preservation of testis tissue, especially
if you need estimating quality of spermatogenesis!

You also may try to enhance fixation - and shorten the duration
required for fixation - by performing it in the microwave oven: several
cycles of no more than one minute at a time (perhaps 10 times, tissue
temperatures exceeding 50 degrees celsius should be avoided), if
you are indeed in a hurry and can't wait several weeks for
fixation to proceed at its usual pace.

In contrast, in the absence of 11-KT spermatogenesis in the same testis culture system became depleted.