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CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a language that describes the rendering of markup documents (e.g
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For the first part of coding Cortana we will focus on the SSML or Speech Synthesis Markup Language document. This xml document, also called the will allow us to program Cortana and tell her what to listen for and what kind of phrases should open our app. First things first, let's go ahead and create our SSML document.

04/04/2017 · SSML is an XML-based markup language that skill developers use to specify the speech text that Cortana translates to speech
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The field accommodates both plain text and (Speech Synthesis Markup Language) which the Bot uses to specify how a client such at WebChat can synthesize audio to speak the response back to the user. Here’s an example from the sample trivia bot connected to the bot framework emulator:

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The W3C Speech Synthesis Markup Language is a language used for assisting engines in generating synthetic speech. Although SSML is designed as a standalone document type, it also defines semantics suitable for use within other host languages.

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