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Combating HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Nigeria: Responses from National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN)

Volume 90, Number 11, November 2012, 793-868

1. To guide and facilitate the implementation of the National HIV & AIDS, STI and TB (HAST) Strategic Plan and other related matters
2. To facilitate, monitor and evaluate the protection, promotion and fulfillment of the rights of the affected and infected persons living with HIV in the Province
3. To promote HIV and AIDS awareness in the Province
4. To promote a uniform approach and cooperation by all organs of state in the provincial and local spheres in respect of any matter relating to HIV and AIDS
5. To advise the Government on HIV and AIDS and related matters
6. To monitor and coordinate implementation programmes and strategies of the provincial multi-sectoral response to the epidemic
7. To ensure periodic review of the Province’s HIV and AIDS, STI and TB strategic plan and other related matters
8. To mobilize resources for the implementation of HIV and AIDS programmes and strategies in the Province at community level
9. To recommend appropriate research around HIV and AIDS; and report to the South African National AIDS Council

The first case of HIV/AIDS in Malawi was reported at Lilongwe's Kamuzu Central Hospital in 1985

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The majority of countries that have conducted MOT studies have considered them useful. An outcome evaluation conducted in east and Southern Africa concluded that the MOT studies achieved their main purpose of reinvigorating thinking about epidemic dynamics, HIV prevention and improving the HIV response. In most instances the process was well constructed and involved extensive incountry and international consultation with close involvement or coordination from the National AIDS Councils, among other governmental or non-governmental organisations and academic institutions. Both the epidemiological reviews as well as the modelling processes involved high level expertise and experience in countries.

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