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Money prices make possible a system of rational calculation in which any economic decision is influenced by all the relevant factors. The producer and the consumer are alike guided by money prices to adjust their actions in the most advantageous way to the real conditions of the market. In the discussion over the possibility of rational economic calculation of gain and cost in a socialist economy, one fact has emerged with overwhelming unanimity. It is almost universally conceded that in an economy without prices,real or “quasi,” there is no means of judging the economic wisdom or folly of any action. Every prospective buyer or seller, if he is to act in a rational way, must be able to compare his prospective situation at the completion of the transaction with his present situation. This involves the comparison of innumerable “economic quantities” with one another: those actually under his control initially, those to be brought under his control through the transaction, and those possibilities of control which his initial position enables him to command through alternative transactions. The expression of market prices in terms of money is an inestimable boon to the solution of this complex problem. As a common medium of exchange for marketable goods, money fuses all the alternatives confronting the marketer into an immeasurably simpler chain of decisions. The money price paid for one good expresses succinctly, and more convincingly than is ever conceivable in a barter transaction, a preference for this good over a definite set of alternative goods.

The definition to which economic writers have yielded a more general assent than to any other...is “the science of exchanges.”

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Meghan Hennessey , “The Gender Wage Differential in Four Transition Countries.” Presented at the International Atlantic Economic Society meetings.

See H. Myint,  (Harvard, 1948), pp. 2 f., for a discussion of the position of the classical economists towards the scarcity view of economics.

These writers include E. Heimann, “Comparative Economic Systems,” in ed. by A. D. Ward (New York, 1953), p. 122; J. S. Early, “The Growth and Breadth of Theoretical Economics,” in ed. by C. L. Christenson (1949), pp. 12–13; see also S. Schoeffler, (Harvard, 1955), pp. 11 f.

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BUS 370
Marketing Strategies and Policies
This course focuses on in-depth, integrative application of marketing management principles that successful firms use to create a strategic advantage. The case method as a learning tool is used in class to enhance the student’s ability to dissect problems, offer a variety of creative solutions and ultimately make a justifiable decision. Students also apply their holistic knowledge of strategic marketing concepts by developing and presenting a marketing plan.
Prerequisites: BUS 346, 347 and 372

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The present essay is an attempt to explore with some thoroughness an extremely narrow area within the field of the history of economic thought. Although this area is narrow, it merits a scrutiny quite out of proportion to its extension, relating as it does to fundamental ideas around which the entire corpus of economic thought has revolved for some two centuries. It remains as true today as ever before that the direction taken by economic theory is in large measure determined by the “point of view” adopted by the economist as his special perspective. It is in this connection that the present study seeks to make its contribution, by setting up the problem in its proper context as a chapter in the history of ideas.

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This course will use dynamic general equilibrium models to study macroeconomic questions. The first half of the quarter will focus on applications of the neoclassical growth model, including variants useful for studying the effects of capital, labor, and consumption taxes; the effects of general and investment specific technical change; the role of human capital accumulation, and the q-model of investment. On the technical side, this part of the course will rely heavily on the tools of optimal control theory (Hamiltonians) and on the First and Second welfare theorems. The second part of the course will focus on applications of stochastic dynamic programming. On the substantive side, particular topics include models of job search and asset pricing; models with idiosyncratic (insurable) and aggregate (uninsurable) risk; and dynamic tax smoothing. On the technical side, this part of the course will rely heavily on Bellman equations and other recursive modeling techniques.

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If, however, one considers the most important task of applied economics to be the discovery of the type of institutional structure that provides for the greatest coordination of individual plans and efforts, then the subjective character of the discipline is brought to the forefront. Here the goal of science is to aid men not in maximizing or minimizing some statistical average, but in eliminating or lessening the frustrations that occur when the plans of one individual come into conflict with those of another: For example, it is not the physical existence of capital on which the prosperity of society’s members depends but rather the position these goods play in the plans of acting individuals. One need not go so far as some members of the subjectivist school and argue that statistical investigations are of absolutely no value in the derivation of economic laws. It is sufficient to insist that the meaning of such measurements be constantly checked against the underlying human plans and purposes that they allegedly represent.