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Dermatitis is a skin disease or inflammation, resulting from effects on the external or internal factors. Skin lesions can be caused by chemical, biological, physical factors. Today dermatitis is common in children and adults due to difficult environmental conditions. The most common form of dermatitis is considered to be associated with the action of the body to allergens.

Et vanlig symptom er eksem. En internasjonal forskergruppe har identifisert ti nye genetiske varianter som øker risikoen for eksem.

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When dermatitis patient should exclude fried, smoked foods, spicy foods, alcohol and carbonated drinks. It is better to divide the daily ration into 5-6 meals and adhere to treatment. In the morning on an empty stomach to take a glass of boiled water to cleanse the bowel and improve liver function. The most useful products for skin problems diseases are plant foods, vegetables, yogurt and fruit. In summer, you need to eat fresh melons, watermelons, apricots, plums, figs, apples. In winter it helps to maintain the balance of vitamin decoction of dried fruits, rose hips, juice, water with honey and lemon. Food should be freshly prepared, contain minerals and vitamins. Good nutrition and moderate exercise will help enhance the protective functions of the body. Increased immunity is an important task for the prevention of skin diseases. Immunity depends on lifestyle, nutrition, bad habits. You should not abuse the new cosmetics, is better to use natural remedies, best skin care products.

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Eczema symptoms vary considerably depending on the form of the disease, but to all forms of major symptom is the appearance of the skin of various inflammatory elements: rash, papules, pustules, erythema, exfoliating flakes, etc. Often the appearance of these elements is accompanied by pruritus, sometimes quite painful. The characteristic symptoms include also a violation of the sensitivity on the damaged areas. The sensitivity can be increased, or vice versa, reduced up to complete absence. Eczema, most often on the face (seborrheic dermatitis scalp), is prone to seasonal flow - worsening in the cold season and in the summer of remission. Toxic forms of dermatitis can be accompanied by a general deterioration of health: an increase in temperature, the appearance musculoarticular and headache, prostration. However, most symptoms of dermatitis are limited to local, cutaneous manifestations. Quite often dermatitis in children (baby eczema) appears due to the imperfection of the age of the immune system, and in connection with this allergy. One of the most common forms of dermatitis in children is exudative diathesis, having an allergic nature. Although it is part of the pathology, and dermatitis in children occur quite rapidly, they rarely have a protracted, and usually recover well after the removal of a damaging factor.

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