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The roles of hydrocarbons in the recognition systems of insects has been reviewed ().

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Carotenoids are important factors in human health and essentialfor vision. The role of beta-carotene and other carotenoids as themain dietary source of vitamin A has been known for the better partof this centuary. More recently, protective effects of carotenoidsagainst serious disorders such as cancer, heart disease anddegenerative eye disease have been recognized, and have stimulatedintensive resarch into the role of carotenoids as antioxidants and asregulators of the immune response system.

Thus, anthraquinone is found in several plant species(Aloes), fungi and lichens but also in insects where they play a role ofpheromone.

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Bergamottin and dihydroxylated derivatives have been found to inhibit the humanintestinal cytochrome P450 3A4 isozyme (CYP3A4) involved in the metabolism ofsome prescribed medications ().
They are also bactericide, fungicide, antiviral and insecticideand in plant they have an important role as inhibitor of germination.

Additionally, there is considerable evidence which indicates a photoprotective role of xanthophylls preventing damage by dissipating excess light.

Among these compounds, echinenone and canthaxantin are abundant in cyanobacteria are characteristic of cyanobacteria ().

Violaxanthin is an epoxidized derivative of antheraxanthin (hydroxylated cryptoxanthin) and forms with zeaxanthin the xanthophyll cycle that is said to protect the photosynthetic system of plants against damage by excess light.