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I am a first year student on a Person Centred BA course. My Essay question is: The essay title : Explore 2/3 key concepts of Rogerian and PC theory .ie The concept of self, personality development, the actualising tendency , seven stages of process, conditions of worth. SF. UK

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Hi Allan, my name is S..(England). I am a second year post graduate diploma student. I am currently doing (2nd draft) an essay of 5000 words on Rogers theory of personality and his nineteen propositions. How PCT compares to other theories and fits in to my own philosophy. My first draft was sent back for not quite meeting the criteria. Do you have any tips on where I can find stuff on the 19 props as I have really struggled to find any literature on it at all. Just need something which explains the propositions and links it in to personality change etc

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"Unfortunately, it [humanistic psychology] never penetrated mainstream psychology, even though Maslow had been president of the American Psychological Association. The reasons for remaining a largely therapeutic endeavor outside of academic contact probably had to do with its alienation from conventional empirical science. Unlike Rogers and Maslow, subsequent leaders in Humanistic Psychology were quite skeptical about conventional empirical methods. They coupled their important premises with a sloppier, radical epistemology stressing phenomenology and individual case histories. This made it doubly hard for mainstream psychology to digest. But academic psychology of the 1960s was constipated, and they never invited Humanistic Psychology in" (Seligman, 2002a, p. 275).

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