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This chapter discusses the formulation and development ofresearch problems.

Hypothesis & Purpose of Study

That is, a study whose purpose is to explore or describe somephenomenon is likely to be an investigation of a little-researched topic, ofteninvolving a qualitative approach such as a phenomenology or ethnography.

These are aspects of the researchproblem that would be difficult to quantify.

Specifying a Purpose and Research Questions or Hypotheses

"Hypothesis" means, "what do you expect to happen in your experiment?" Suppose your research question is, "How will different liquids affect plant growth?" The hypothesis might be, "Soda will make the plant grow tallest because plants need carbon dioxide to live."

Researchers should pose thefollowing kinds of questions: Is the problem an important one?

Creswell (1998) notes that the statements of purpose in qualitative studiesoften “encode” the tradition of inquiry not only through the researcher’schoice of verbs but also through the use of certain terms or “buzz words”associated with those traditions, as follows:

Research problem , Purpose, question and hypothesis

For example, if theproblem focused on patients with peptic ulcers, the research might be moreeasily conducted in the fall and spring because of the increase in the numberof patients with peptic ulcers during these seasons.

ILO’S O Define of the research problem

A qualitative researcher whonoticed differences in patient complaints would likely be more interested inunderstanding the essence of the complaints, the patients’ experience offrustration, the process by which the problem got resolved, or the fullnature of the nurse—patient interactionsregarding the dispensing of medications.

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The process is rarely a smoothand orderly one; there are likely to be false starts, inspirations, andsetbacks in the process of developing a research problem statement.

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Insome cases, the verb is ambiguous: a purpose statement indicating that theresearcher’s intent is to compare could be referring to a comparison ofalternative treatments (using an experimental approach) or a comparison of twopreexisting groups (using a approach).

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Essentially, researchers must ask the followingquestions: If this theory is correct, what kind of behavior would I expect tofind in certain situations or under certain conditions?

Research Purpose and Problem Statement

Published research reports may suggestproblem areas indirectly by stimulating the imagination and directly byspecifying further areas in need of investigation.

Purpose of hypothesis testing in research

Bayesian hypothesis testing helps to answer the question: Can the results from a test or survey be repeated?
Why do we care if a test can be repeated? Let’s say twenty people in the same village came down with leukemia. A group of researchers find that cell-phone towers are to blame. However, a second study found that cell-phone towers had nothing to do with the cancer cluster in the village. In fact, they found that the cancers were completely random. If that sounds impossible, it actually can happen! Clusters of cancer can happen . There could be many reasons why the first study was faulty. One of the main reasons could be that they just didn’t take into account that sometimes things happen randomly and we just don’t know why.