You'll need to decide for yourself what all this means.

 His research indicates that the

The shape is exactly what you'd expect.

If tonsillar biopsy is negative (as it usuallyis in non-mad-cow prion disease in humans),the diagnosis requires correlation of clinical, imaging, andbrain biopsy/autopsy findings.

Different people will come to different conclusions about what this means.

It's typicalof the priondiseases.

Lay wisdom is that "cerebral palsy is the obstetrician's fault, the baby did not get enough oxygen to the brain." (Ask a lawyer; this is probably true only of a minority of cases; the advances in obstetrical and neonatal care in the last few decades have had no measurable impact on the rate of cerebral palsy.) What we DO know is that about 40%of cerebral palsy cases come from among the 1.5% of babies bornweighing less than 1500 gm (NEJM 358: 1700, 2008).

What makes all this even more difficult for beginners are the facts that...

Crystalline fibers, usually referred to as amyloids, have a long association with disease in their own right, beginning in 1639 with the first description of an autopsied spleen harboring white stones that would later be recognized as amyloid. Currently, amyloids are associated with more than two dozen incurable human diseases, including Alzheimer’s and variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (the human version of mad cow disease), as well as Huntington’s, Parkinson’s, and type 2 diabetes.

A portion of the prion protein is known to be a neurotoxin (Nature 362: 543, 1993).

What's more, occasionally there ISa primary cause.

If "religion is what deals with matters of ultimate concern", one need notbelieve or even care about the "supernatural / paranormal" for "faith to be important."Totally sane people often report experiences with the paranormal (whatever that is).

Whatever else we are, humankind is the talking animal.

(1) Deal withany grief and loss issues, emphasizing what's still intact; (2) Solveinterpersonal role disparities (i.e., conflicts over who is supposed todo what); (3) Deal with role transitions (that was then, this is now, focus onthe future rather than the past); (4) Teach them interpersonal skills and make them practice between sessions.

Guidance in dealing with environmental situations, what is outside.

When I was anintern, a group of 15 housestaffers at lunch got into a discussion of out-of-body experience, who among us had experienced it personally, and what you told the patients who came in all worried after experiencing it; we decided it was "normal but something we don't understand".

Exactly what "consciousness" has to do with all of this is unclear.

Non-psychotic people with ideas that they recognizeas not making sense can usually figure out, with your help,what the obsession stands for, and try to get what they really want by some more realistic route.

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You can help people realize whythis is and that they don't need to be locked into it forever.You may disagree with what a crazy person says, but don't argue; people whoare not psychotic will come around as they realize that their thinkingis no longer helpful and that they can change their behavior to deal witha world that's saner than their own childhood homes.

Prion diseases, also previously ..

Anyway, in children reported to haveautism following MMR or other immunization, there's no dose-response relationship,and no relationship to whether a batch of whatever pediatricvaccine actually contained thimerosal(ethylmercury, the supposed toxin): JAMA 290: 1763, 2003.