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Gold nanorods have been synthesized by photochemically reducing gold ions within a micellar solution. The aspect ratio of the rods can be controlled with the addition of silver ions. This process reported here is highly promising for producing uniform nanorods, and more importantly it will be useful in resolving the growth mechanism of anisotropic metal nanoparticles due to its simplicity and the relatively slow growth rate of the nanorods.

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Presentation Summary : SOLID STATE MATERIALS CHEMISTRY ... How and why would you synthesize a zeolite-like material with a metal-organic framework ... Dream up materials synthesis methods ...

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A universal multistage cascade CSTR has been developed that is suitable for a wide range of continuous-flow processes. Coined by our group the “Freactor” (free-to-access reactor), the new reactor integrates the efficiency of pipe-flow processing with the advanced mixing of a CSTR, delivering a general “plug-and-play” reactor platform which is well-suited to multiphasic continuous-flow chemistry. Importantly, the reactor geometry is easily customized to accommodate reactions requiring long residence times (≥3 h tested).

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