Simulation (VCS) Synthesis/Optimize ..

Now it runs both interactive or post-simulation, with  XL, VCS, Frontline, Viper, etc.
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mismatch between behavioral simulation and post-synthesis simulation.

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As usual I am putting mixed unstructured infromation on yet anothertool, this time it is VCS.
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db:: 5.14::MIG Post-Synthesis Functional Simulation …

Still I have to face problems, so the final command line looked like:Now simulaiton may be launched, again all the coverage options givenat the 'vcs' compilation
MUST be given to the simv as well or there will be NO coverage recorded.

Functional simulation was ok,but post-synthesis simulation has different results.
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Example simulaiton commands:

contents of

------------------------------------------VCS can be a 2 step process if only verilog is being used

If I have a some design in vhdl(verilog) code and testbench inverilog(vhld) then how can I simulate such codes in VCS -MX ?
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db:: 4.34::Post-synthesis simulation using ISim 12.4 m1

MCC – The MCC supports simulations of materials across multiple length and time scales, with technical support of advanced simulation software. The 2DCC is implementing, in partnership with the MCC, an integrated suite of software tools, hardware resources, and computational expertise to support direct simulation of key processes during materials growth, to suggest routes to overcome experimental obstacles, to assist in the interpretation of in situ characterization and post-synthesis measurement of samples, and also to predict new synthesis targets. 2DCC users will have access to MCC capabilities in computational methods including first-principles techniques at the density functional level (Quantum Espresso, VASP, etc.) and powerful empirical methods that can model complex reaction pathways over long time scales and length scales at both atomistic (ReaxFF) and phase-field levels.

post synthesis and dynamic timing analysis in VCS, ..

The //VCS coverage on pragma enables line coverage after a
//synopsys translate_off directive and a
//synopsys translate_off directive disables line coverage
after a //VCS coverage on pragma.

simulation semantics as the post-synthesis ..

Incremental compliation is enabled by default:VCS commands
removing like ncrm
updating like ncupdate
hierarchy browsing using commands
dump values in a txt file like ncsim
how to define the hierarchy
forcing nets in simulation, syntax.

a Synopsys Synthesis Design FlowUsing Leda, VCS…

Bruce S. Greene is a Principal Engineer at Synopsys. His primary focus is to help customers solve complex problems to get their silicon working quickly and accurately. He has worked in many areas of verification including UVM/VMM, VCS, assertions, and static technologies. Bruce enjoys being a Lecturer at Santa Clara University in his free time. He holds a MS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Santa Clara University.