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-eries of steps occurs of biochemical steps, most of which redox reactions themselves.
-rocess of oxidizing food molecules, like glucose, to carbon dioxide and water.
-n cellular respiration glycolysis is the breakdown of glucose to pyrovic acid.
-eactants of cell respiration is oxygen and glucose.
-TP is a product of cellular respiration.
-he krebs cycle is the central metabolic pathway in all aerobis organisms.
-s one of the key ways a cell gains usefal energy to fuel cellular activity.
-verall chemical equation of respiration is C6H12O6+O2=H2O+ energy.
-utrients converts from biochemical energy into ATP.
Photosynthesis Limerick
Because of Cellular Respiration,
plants give humans their oxygen fixation,
so donts cut down trees
I'm begging you please
or else the human race will face cremation.

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Part 1.
Function and Equation for Respiration
1. Click on the following links and use the information provided to write a definition of cellular respiration in your own words.2. Identify which living things carry out the process of respiration.3. Write the chemical equation for cellular respiration. Label the reactants and products. Where have you seen something like this equation before? Explain.4. How does the equation for cellular respiration compare with the equation for photosynthesis?5. What is ATP? Why is it an important product of cellular respiration?6. Using the same link from #5, write the chemical equation for the breakdown of ATP. Does the reaction release energy (exothermic) or absorb energy (endothermic)? Support your answer.7. Write the equation for the synthesis of ATP. Does the reaction release energy (exothermic) or absorb energy (endothermic)? Support your answer.
Use the following link to answer questions 8-10:
8. What is the main site of respiration in the cell?9. Make a sketch of the respiration organelle and label its parts.10. What energy molecules are produced in this respiration organelle?11. What is the difference between aerobic and anaerobic cellular respiration?12. Click on the �Cellular respiration� link and scroll down to fermentation. What is lactic acid fermentation? Where does it occur?13. What does a build up of lactic acid cause?14. What is alcoholic fermentation?15. In what industry is alcoholic fermentation important?16. Which produces the larger amount of energy � aerobic or anaerobic respiration? Support your answer with information from the reading.
17. Write a summary of cellular respiration. In your response:

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Energy Flows and Matter Cycles. Primary Producers – autotrophs capable of converting solar energy into chemical energy (plants, photosynthetic protists,

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