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20/03/2015 · This week we spent a few days talking about photosynthesis

Engineers generate electricity by tapping into algae …

There are certainly limitations in the experimental protocol, in particular the short-term exposure to a specific light source (less than 2 hours with each LED.) However, water motion was standardized and food consumption (or lack thereof) was not an issue - a potential pitfall for long-term light/coral growth studies.Perhaps the real story here is the photo-protective responses (the xanthophyll cycle) of zooxanthellae to different light sources, especially red light.

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Photosynthetic Efficiencies of LEDs: Results of Short …

Please write a fictional story about the "Day Photosynthesis Stopped." Use the materials that you have learned about photosynthesis to create a story with you being a witness to the crisis that would occur if the process of photosynthesis was halted. Give your best thoughts as to what you would witness in the last days of the human race, and complex life as we know it, cease to exist.

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This short film describes the evidence that led James Watson and Francis Crick to the discovery of the double-helical structure of DNA and how the structure immediately revealed how genetic information is stored and inherited.

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