Photosynthesis In Elodea canadensis Michx: Four …

Reproductive and developmental effects of borates in laboratory animals are summarized in Table 16.

Photosynthesis In Elodea canadensis Michx: Four-Carbon ..

Reproductive and developmental effects of boron compounds in laboratory animals Compound Species Dosea Vehicle Duration Effects Reference (mg boron/kg body weight per day) Boric acid CD-1 0, 19.2, 104.5, Diet 27 weeks None of the high-dose pairs was Fail et al.

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1.4 Effets sur l'Homme et les animaux de laboratoire Les données relatives aux effets toxiques sur le développement et la reproduction montrent que l'effet déterminant consiste en une réduction du poids des foetus.

You will perform a controlled experiment to measure the rate of photosynthesis of Elodea by ..

The possibility of unique transgenerational or functional developmental toxicity in the absence of an available dose-response concerned the Task Group.

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This is an often misunderstood aspect of aquarium plant keeping.
There is so much anecdotal information that is out of date with more current aquarium/plant biochemistry information. Not only do plants need many of the minerals found in GH, but, just as important, potentially dangerous upward pH swings can occur if your GH is much below 50 ppm during peak plant photosynthesis.
For example, I observed a pH of 6.8 in the morning and then a pH of 7.4 in the afternoon in a tank where GH was low or almost non-existent.

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(1976) [Experiments on the influence of herbicides on theembryo development of Phasianus colchicus var. and Coturnix coturnix japonica.] Z.