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On the internal pages for doctoral students you can find syllabi, forms, information about courses and graduate schools, PhD regulations and more.

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The doctoral conferment ceremony is the academic highlight of the year and takes place in May/June each year. At the ceremony, the University honours those who have completed research studies and defended a doctoral thesis. Certificates, rings and laurel wreaths are presented at the conferment ceremony.

You may also take a licentiate degree after 120 credits of research studies, which corresponds to two years of full-time study. The licentiate can form a stage in a PhD programme, but it is also possible to end research studies with a licentiate. The academic thesis is called a licentiate thesis and is presented and examined at a public seminar.

The degree is abbreviated PhD (sometimes Ph.D

Lund University is a partner in several Erasmus Mundus Action 2 'lots'. If you are from an eligible country you can apply for a scholarship to come to Lund University. Scholarships are available to doctoral candidates and may cover living expenses.

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For additional information or clarification, please review the doctoral education application information on the faculty webpages or contact the relevant department to discuss opportunities for doctoral education and the procedure for applying.

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For the majority of doctoral positions at Lund University, you apply online through our online job portal and complete the requirements as advertised for the specific vacancy and in line with the process described by the department. Application documents are sent directly to the department including officially certified copies of documents/certificates/transcripts and other supporting documents, as required for the specific position/particular department. Authorised translations are often needed. You may need to provide additional details of your academic background, e.g. syllabi, course descriptions and literature lists.

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Most of the departments advertise their doctoral positions on Lund University’s main website, through the doctoral job vacancy page.

You should always check the relevant faculty or department’s website pages for any additional notices and specific forms and instructions about their application process.

A PhD degree is the highest level of formalized education in Norway

You apply for a doctoral education position within a certain subject area. Admission to a doctoral education position is restricted and competition for advertised positions is usually tough.

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Doctoral education is organised at the department level. The process for applying for doctoral positions is specific to each department. There is no set application period for doctoral positions. Some departments advertise their positions in spring, while others advertise on an ongoing basis, as and when positions arise.