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All students must have completed either the GRE or the MCAT (for those in the MD-PhD programme).

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Established over 100 years ago in 1912, the Faculty is the oldest medical school in sub-Saharan Africa, and the top-rated on the continent. With a stellar reputation in education and research we were ranked 48th in the 2014 Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

We also run an educational news service for professionals involved in the development of medical publications:

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All PhD candidates participate in the 15-week core course called “Molecules to Medicines” during their first semester of the PhD programme. This course introduces students to translational research, and provides training on experimental models, methods and mechanisms that drive current investigations into human disease. Scientific ethics training is woven throughout the course. This course is taught by a range of Duke-NUS faculty and staff who introduce their expertise to the students. This is not a lecture course, but an interactive learning course that requires significant preparation and participation.

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You apply for a doctoral education position within a certain subject area. Admission to a doctoral education position is restricted and competition for advertised positions is usually tough.

Duke-NUS launched its inaugural PhD programme in Integrated Biology and Medicine (IBM) in August 2010.

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The questions you will explore in the Ph.D. Program have critical relevance in the field of education. Your research will benefit greatly from the extraordinary relationships HGSE has forged with leading policymakers and educators on the front lines of policy and practice, from an individual classroom teacher in Boston to the minister of education of a large African nation.

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The Ph.D. in Education requires five years of full-time study to complete. You will choose your individual coursework and design your original research in close consultation with your HGSE faculty adviser and dissertation committee. The Ph.D. curriculum includes the following requirements and milestones:

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The doctoral colloquia runs the full length of the program. Students in years one and two are required to attend. The colloquia meets weekly and features presentations of work-in-progress and completed work by Harvard faculty, faculty and researchers from outside Harvard, and Harvard doctoral students. Ph.D. students present twice in the colloquia over the course of their career.

The degree is abbreviated PhD (sometimes Ph.D

The doctorate involves the planning and execution of a research project, by way of advanced educational programmes, individual in-depth study and, in many cases, through cultural exchanges with other countries

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The research apprenticeship also runs the full length of the Ph.D. Program. It is designed to provide ongoing training and mentoring to develop students’ research skills.