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We propose a grouping genetic algorithm (GGA) to form the content of the FOUPs and sequence them.

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Results of this work show an accuracy of above 90% for the correlation based feature selection method for the four classes of the dataset.

Key words: Features, Genetic Algorithm, Image Segmentation, Texture, Training.

[1] Manish Kakara, Dag Rune Olsen, "Automatic segmentation and recognition of lungs and lesion from CT scans of thorax ", IEEE transactions on Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics ,33 (2009) 72–82
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The texture based features are extracted by Gabor filtering, feature selection techniques such as Information Gain, Principal Component Analysis, correlation based feature selection are employed with Genetic algorithm which is used as an optimal initialisation of the clusters.

In this paper anefficient algorithm with a blur –generatingcomponent and a noise generating componentpreserves the local blur and the noise of theoriginals.

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A typical geneticalgorithm requires genetic representation of thesolution domain, fitness function to evaluate thesolution domain.

Key words: Antenna, Genetic Algorithm,optimization, Radiation patterns, side lobe level,


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Further analysis was performed to study the effect of the design variables and the input parameters of the objective function.

Key words: Genetic algorithms, hypoid gears, volume optimization

[1] Maitra, G.

Q-learning is a model-free reinforcement learning technique

Then analyze the performance for both code serial and parallel execution.

Key words: The genetic algorithm, Linear generation Equation, Genetic operator, Open MP

[1] Benjamin Arazi, "Vehicular Implementations of Public Key Cryptographic Techniques", IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON VEHICULAR TECHNOLOGY, VOL.

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The techniques that we are using for encryption & decryption are based on genetic algorithm which will help us to efficiently encrypt the data which is resistible for any kind of external attacks.

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Meher,and Kavita Khare proposed an area-time efficientCORDIC algorithm that completely eliminatesthe scale-factor by microrotation selection whichis done by the most significant one detector in themicro rotation sequence generation circuit.

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This paper presents the analysis of the security of information with enhanced the speed of encryption and decryption process.

Key words: Public key Cryptography, Encryption, Decryption, RSA algorithm, Cryptanalysis, Public Key Infrastructure

[1] Aboud, S.J.; Al-Fayoumi, M.A.; Al-Fayoumi, M.; Jabbar, H.;‖ An Efficient RSA Public Key Encryption Scheme", Fifth International Conference on Information Technology: New Generations, 2008.