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A brand new event has arrived for Phantasy Star Universe on the Xbox 360 – Maximum Attack X!

A brand new event has arrived for Phantasy Star Universe on the ..

And there is one more thing that we can do. As fantastic as the Phantasy Star Universe is, it is incomplete. Not every event is explained; not every character is explored; not every question is answered. This unknown quality is one of the most exciting hallmarks of the series. And it is also where, we, the fans, can contribute our true magic: we can fill in the holes, answer the questions, explain the unknowns. Each of us has thought about such things as, Did Alis become queen after defeating Dark Force? or What happened to Rolf and the others while battling the Earthmen? or Did the ships in PSIII really make it to Earth? And, presumably, each of us has our own answers those questions.

Coming this December, the special Phantasy Star Universe event: Absolute Zero!

for the Universe of Phantasy Star.

Check out Phantasy Star Universe over Xbox Live and download the expansion for free — even if you don’t get in on the online action, offline mode has an epic single-player “story mode”. Online mode has a subscription fee but doesn’t require a Gold Membership in order to use — whatever way you pick to play, now’s a great time to check out the Universe!

Welcome to the newest edition of the GUARDIANS Express Newsletter, a roundup of news & notes for the Universe of Phantasy Star.

In the true spirit of Phantasy Star, there really is a whole universe of things to explore: Phantasy Star Portable 2 features double the amount of content from previous games, with all new characters (and some returning favorites), over 100 missions, more than 170 enemies and all-new bosses, and more than 2,000 weapons and items. Combat has been enhanced as well, with familiar action-style combat of the Phantasy Star series augmented with all new features and abilities.

Then I bought the ps2 version which they change its name to phantasy star universe or PSU and ..

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It’s easy to wax rhapsodic about classic RPGs, particularlly from the early 1990s, when the genre was solidifying on consoles and the strength of the titles came from their epic breadth & depth. Phantasy Star II stands on its own for sure, though — it expands on the universe created in the first title, which came out for the Master System, while easing up on some of that game’s arcane difficulty level.

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One of the joys of PSU’s different is the seasonal changes to the game’s major cities — different holidays, from Sonic’s Birthday to , get their own seasonal lobbies and now is the time for bouncing pumpkins and some of the most awesome music in all of Phantasy Star Universe. This lobby is available only for a limited time in the GUARDIANS Colony!

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There’s good reason to have this feature return here & now. Aside from the fact that I generally enjoy the chance to write about a game I’ve been immersed in for years now, Phantasy Star Universe has had a nice , not to mention the recent addition to . Let’s get grinding!

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For those of you who have traveled with us in the past, through the original RPGs, through the original Online or Portable adventures, or across the Universe: We hope you will make the journey with us to this exciting new realm. If you are new to Phantasy Star, we hope you will join us for a new adventure unlike anything else Online.

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Coming soon to Phantasy Star Universe is the long-awaited . This major update for the online game represents not just an influx of new missions, items, options, and even character outfits, but a whole new way to play the game. Featuring a host of game balance adjustments for weapons, abilities, and character classes, the update will also provide the ability for max-level players to continue to customize their skills even after hitting the level cap.