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Barry believes that one virtue of his theory is that it makes sense ofthe mirror thesis: that evil people are the perverse mirror images ofmoral saints (Barry 2009; Haybron 2002b, McGinn 1997, and Steiner 2002also accept versions of the mirror thesis). According to Barry moralsaints are the mirror images of evil people in the sense thatthey possess extremely virtuous states of character, i.e., the verybest virtues, such as justice and compassion, to an extreme degree.(See Russell 2010 for an argument against the mirror thesis.)

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Just what constitutes Usher? Is it simply a family, just Roderick, the house itself, the universe? The possible interpretations are many. Some critics have succumbed to the temptation of ascribing cosmic significance to "Usher," contending that the story is merely a symbolic representation of the theories which Poe eventually penned in . I am one of this view, as the reader may have guessed; and it seems to me that the collapse of a universe or of a psyche points to the same primal impulse. My focused on perversity (the compulsion to psychic emolation) in several of Poe's best known characters. Perversity, the force which Poe attributed to his characters' destruction, is merely the universal tendency of contraction or collapse as it applies to the mind of man. While contraction of the universe involves the Mind of God, perversity constitutes God's imprint upon the contracting human mind; thus, Poe's character Roderick reflects God-consciousness as it collapses into Oneness. After all, the house itself was reflected in the dark tarn where all houses, all minds, all universes must eventually lose individuation.

Perversity thesis

The dissolutionary tendencies of the visionary Roderick mirror the reclaiming of matter by God in His collapse sequence; likewise, Roderick's darkened artistry reflects a perversity of Mind. His entire life illustrates how a person may be born into a downward cycle over which he can exercise little control. Poe likely identified heavily with his protagonist, since, like Roderick's, Poe's universe did seem to collapse about him. The blood-red moon shining through the ever-widening fissure of his mind suggests once again that other Red Death, the consumption that badged the kerchiefs of his lost mother. If there be any truth to the postulate that a person creates his own reality, then perplexing questions arise, begging answers. Poe's heroes create their own ruinations, but do they will to do otherwise? Do his sufferers really have any choice? Extending this, did Poe believe that he could entertain any hope of escaping the "fierce breath of the whirlwind," the dissolutionary forces which drove him to the abyss?

What is the perversity thesis