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The definitive history of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Should put to rest many revisionist claims.

Attack on pearl harbor research paper..

The first comprehensive history of the Pacific War in English but from the Japanese point of view, and winner of the Pulitzer Prize. Sadly, Toland later tarnished his reputation with , a revisionist account of Pearl Harbor claiming FDR had prior knowledge of the attack, which cited anonymous sources and otherwise violated important maxims of scholarly history. In retrospect, some of the flaws and agendas of can be discerned in , but it remains a valuable source.

Most studies of the, pearl Harbor attack focus on what American commanders and.

Attack on pearl harbor research paper ..

Morison is the definite American historian of the naval war, despite the fact that he was not free to mention Ultra and was writing too recently after the war to bring much perspective. He also was writing when most of the principles were alive, which seems to have muted some well-deserved criticisms. In spite of these flaws, the whole series of volumes constitutes a classic reference of tremendous value. Volume III focuses on the Pearl Harbor attack and the intial Japanese offensive in southeast Asia.

Another claim at the heart of the Pearl Harbor surprise- attack lore is that.

A fascinating critique of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor from an operational analysis perspective. Makes a convincing case that the Japanese attack was a stunning tactical success only because the Americans were woefully unprepared and the Japanese astonishingly lucky.

A brief, moderately interesting description of the Pearl Harbor attack, with numerous color graphics.