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The results of analysis showed significant relevance of whole denture implant and the necessity thereof in older subjects, rural community, and subjects with lower education background, regarding the state of upper jaw/lower jaw prosthesis and the necessity for upper jaw/lower jaw fixed partial denture/whole denture.

The development of flexible partial denture materials has allowed dentists to rethink the possibilities of long-term treatment of partial edentulism

The simple answer to your question is yes. Removable partial dentures (RPDs) provide a viable alternative to fixed bridgework or implants as a means of replacing missing teeth. They were quite commonplace before the routine use of implants. However, this answer needs qualification. Certainly in most cases RPDs are much less expensive than either dental implants (today's state-of-the-art tooth replacement systems), or fixed bridgework (the next best alternative). But we need to consider viability not just in terms of expense, but also in regards to function and aesthetics (appearance).

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The trick in partial denture design is to prevent rocking and movement of the removable dentures during function, and to make them as unobtrusive, aesthetic, and lifelike as possible. This requires an understanding of how the jaws work together, the way the bite functions, and how the remaining teeth can be utilized to stabilize a denture during biting function. This is something of an art; while science can calculate how levers, pivots and fulcrums will work — all essential to partial denture design — these elements in a living system may function differently than on a workbench. RPDs are designed to prevent undue pressure on the bony ridges where teeth are missing, as that tends to accelerate a gradual melting away of bone. RPDs are also designed to minimize pressure and torque on the remaining anchor teeth and their supporting periodontal structures (the gum and bone tissues) in order to preserve them for as long as possible. Upper RPDs tend to be easier to design than lowers because the palate, which does not resorb, can be used to distribute pressure more evenly and easily.

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Tcs is a versatile material often prescribed for removable partial dentures, as it is stronger, more flexible and reduces chair time. The invasive procedures and the cumbersome materials associated with rigid partials are eliminated and there are fewer steps in the treatment process because preparation of natural teeth is unnecessary. As there is no metal frame, the fabrication and try-in processes are simplified. The choice of a Tcs partial also avoids the use of metal, for higher patient satisfaction. Tcs is appropriate for a wide range of challenging cases due to its adaptability and the virtually invisible support which it provides.

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Sun Dental Labs’ SunFlex partials out perform other acrylic partials on every level. They are lightweight, more comfortable and nearly invisible. Our line of dental partials offer ideal flexibility, stability and aesthetic appeal. Also, you and your clients will appreciate how easy it is to adjust SunFlex partials.