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Which brand of paper towel is the most absorbent?which brand of paper towel is the most absorbent.

19/10/2010 · Paper towel experiment

1 role of Viva paper towel
1 role of Bounty paper towel
1 role of Scott paper towel
1 role of Bounty paper towel
1 large bucket/container
1 large beaker
1-gather materials
2-fill bucket/ container with 500ml of water
3-select one of the brands of paper towel and tare of 3 sheets of the paper towel(keep connected)
4-Place the paper towel into the bucket full of water and for 30 seconds
5- after 30 seconds remove the paper towel and ring it out into the beaker
6-measure the amount of water in the beaker and record in ml
7-dumb the water in the beaker back into the bucket/container
8- repeat this process 3 time for each brand of paper towel, so at the end toy should have done this 15 times total
9-find the average amount of water absorbed by each brand of paper towel and compare to find the brand of paper towel that absorbed the most water Analysis- The highest mount of water absorbed by the paper towel was 160ml.

Controlled experiment- To make this experiment a coltrolled experiment you would have to compare the paper towel to the leading brand of paper towel.

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For our problem, we need to create a test that will determine whether or not Brand A paper towel will absorb more water than Brand B paper towel. Our experiment consisted of measuring water, folding a paper towel, dipping it into water, noting how much water it had absorbed and then repeating the process with the other brand of paper towel.

The Paper Towel Experiment is a project about which type of paper can absorb more water.

Brawny costs 26 cents more than Scott and it absorbed 57ml more than Scott did.

Interestingly enough multiple people claim the Bounty is the most absorbent paper towel.

Hypothesis for paper towel experiments. Paper Towel Experiment Joshua.