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18. Reviewer: The book Art's Decline argues that European painters today lack skills that were common among European painters of preceding centuries. In this the book must be right, since its analysis of 100 paintings, 50 old and 50 contemporary, demonstrates convincingly that none of the contemporary paintings are executed as skillfully as the older paintings.

Which of the following points to the most serious logical flaw in the reviewer's argument?
(A) The paintings chosen by the book's author for analysis could be those that most support the book's thesis.
(B) There could be criteria other than the technical skill of the artist by which to evaluate a painting.
(C) The title of the book could cause readers to accept the book's thesis even before they read the analysis of the paintings that supports it.
(D) The particular methods currently used by European painters could require less artistic skill than do methods used by painters in other parts of the world.
(E) A reader who was not familiar with the language of art criticism might not be convinced by the book's analysis of the 100 paintings.

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8. According to a review of 61 studies of patients suffering from severely debilitating depression, a large majority of the patients reported that missing a night’s sleep immediately lifted their depression. Yet sleep-deprivation is not used to treat depression even though the conventional treatments, which use drugs and electric shocks, often have serious side effects.
Which of the following, if true, best explains the fact that sleep-deprivation is not used as a treatment for depression?
(A) For a small percentage of depressed patients, missing a night’s sleep induces a temporary sense of euphoria.
(B) Keeping depressed patients awake is more difficult than keeping awake people who are not depressed.
(C) Prolonged loss of sleep can lead to temporary impairment of judgment comparable to that induced by consuming several ounces of alcohol.
(D) The dramatic shifts in mood connected with sleep and wakefulness have not been traced to particular changes in brain chemistry.
(E) Depression returns in full force as soon as the patient sleeps for even a few minutes.

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Incidentally, if you want to go after Eggers’ character, leave out the irrelevant nonsense about his older brother and include the juicy bits about he and Lemony Snickett and a few others from that clique getting caught leaving glowing reviews for each others’ works under number fake names each at Amazon a few years ago–or is the writer too ill-informed and/or addlepated to know/remember that incident?

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Glazov, you’re amazing! My wife was just force-fed DFuckingW in her intro English class at UMBC. They made the poor girl read his pedantic Authority and American Usage. English not being her first language, she thought she was just too dumb to get it; I had to explain to her that DFW is just a showy pedant who likes to do meta-grammar backflips for his fawning English prof. groupies with passages like this where he explains the purpose of book reviewing: