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Can you think of any ways you would redesign an item’s packaging to become zero waste? Submit any ideas here! Comment on what you think about these designs!

8-7-2010 · Design is everywhere you look, including tobias wolff writing style food packaging. The container is used many. 1. packaging design thesis

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Zero Waste Store: These types of stores are awesome. They don’t sell any packaged items or provide any sort of plastic, wasteful bags. Instead, customers bring their own containers and weigh the items they choose. Check out this store in Austin, Texas to learn more about zero waste stores!

26/08/2016 · My senior Thesis at MIAD led me to design eco-friendly packaging for the cycling industry

Plantable Packaging : Margao, a spice company challenged their customers to come up with a zero waste packaging solution. One participant came up with replacing a plastic container with a seed paper package. After you are done with the spice, you can plant the paper and the seeds will grow!