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Othello Topic Tracking: Revenge.Othello; jealousy and revenge.

Othello Essay features Samuel Taylor Coleridge's famous critique based on his legendary and influential Shakespeare notes and lectures.

The evil Iago pretends to be friend of Othello in order.Othello; jealousy and revenge.

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The real victims of the green eyed monster in Othello and Wuthering Heights are those who feel the jealousy rather than those on whom revenge is taken.
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Othello’s mother gave him the handkerchief on her dying bed to give to the women he marries.

David Bevington in William Shakespeare: Four Tragedies states the hero’s dependence on Desdemona: Othello’s most tortured speeches (3.4.57-77, 4.2.49-66) reveal the extent to which he equates the seemingly betraying woman he has so depended on for happiness with his own mother, who gave Othello’s father a handkerchief and threatened him with loss of her love if he should lose it....

As a result of this plot, Othello kills his wife out of jealousy, the climax of the play.

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Roderigo turns off to Othello; and here comes one, if not the only, seeming justification of our blackamoor or negro Othello. Even if we supposed this an uninterrupted tradition of the theatre, and that Shakspeare himself, from want of scenes, and the experience that nothing could be made too marked for the senses of his audience, had practically sanctioned it,—would this prove aught concerning his own intention as a poet for all ages? Can we imagine him so utterly ignorant as to make a barbarous negro plead royal birth,—at a time, too, when negroes were not known except as slaves?—As for Iago's language to Brabantio, it implies merely that Othello was a Moor, that is, black. Though I think the rivalry of Roderigo sufficient to account for his wilful confusion of Moor and Negro,—yet, even if compelled to give this up, I should think it only adapted for the acting of the day, and should complain of an enormity built on a single word, in direct contradiction to Iago's 'Barbary horse.' Besides, if we could in good earnest believe Shakspeare ignorant of the distinction, still why should we adopt one disagreeable possibility instead of a ten times greater and more pleasing probability? It is a common error to mistake the epithets applied by the dramatis personae to each other, as truly descriptive of what the audience ought to see or know. No doubt Desdemona saw Othello's visage in his mind; yet, as we are constituted, and most surely as an English audience was disposed in the beginning of the seventeenth century, it would be something monstrous to conceive this beautiful Venetian girl falling in love with a veritable negro.

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Othello ~ Thesis Thesis #1 When Othello's sense they easily show the strength Shakespeare is portraying in them while the males show weakness in jealousy and revenge.
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Othello has promoted Cassio to the rank of lieutenant over Iago, his long-time ensign.