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We handle the very broadest cross section of organic synthesis requirements. Our offerings include:

a one-day course on a specific topic in organic synthesis

The magic of microwave (MW) heating technique, termed the Bunsen burner of the 21st century, has emerged as a valuable alternative in the synthesis of organic compounds, polymers, inorganic materials, and nanomaterials. Important innovations in MW-assisted chemistry now enable chemists to prepare catalytic materials or nanomaterials and desired organic molecules, selectively, in almost quantitative yields and with greater precision than using conventional heating. By controlling the specific MW parameters (temperature, pressure, and ramping of temperature) and choice of solvents, researchers can now move into the next generation of advanced nanomaterial design and development.

Backed by the combined experience of over 100 years of Chemical synthesis we can offer a wealth of expertise in organic chemical synthesis.

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We provide efficient contract synthesis to produce high-quality, high-purity complex organic molecules in milligram to gram quantities. We will also work with you to cost effectively manufacture larger quantities of multiple kg.

Dr. Manoj B. Gawande received his Ph.D. degree in Chemistry in 2008 from Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, India. After several research stays in Germany, South Korea, Portugal, and England, he recently worked as a Visiting Professor at CBC-SPMS, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Presently, he is senior researcher at RCPTM, Palacky University, Olomouc, Czech Republic. His research interests are nanocatalysis, design of nanocatalysts, and their applications in greener organic synthesis; he has published over 50 scientific papers.