► We design a one-step DME process with pinch technology."

pseudo-one-step synthesis for DME from syngas obtained by biomass gasification …

Effect of Modified Zeolite on One-Step Process of DME Synthesis

Density subspace clustering is a method to detect the density-connected clusters in all subspaces of high dimensional data for clustering time series data streams Multidimensional data clustering evaluation can be done through a density-based approach.

One of the goals of organizations is to share their data and at the same time to enforce their policies.

One-step liquid phase process for dimethyl ether synthesis

The comparison of performance of real time system with simulation is done by simultaneously observing measured and simulated angular position of flexible link.

Therefore, this study set up a onedimentional mathematical model on heatinsulated tubeshell type fixedbed reactor for DME synthesis.

any liquid fuel obtained from coal, natural gas or biomass. The best known process is the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis. An intermediate step in the production of synthetic fuel is often syngas, a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen produced from coal which is sometimes directly used as an industrial fuel.

The system acquires speech at run time through a microphone and processes the sampled speech to recognize the uttered text.

Two-step method for encapsulation of oregano …

Kahn, A simplex type algorithm for general transportation problems: An alternative to steppingstone, Journal of Operational Research Society, 40 (1989), 581-590.

Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Inhibitors for …

It would be then possible to recover the embedded message at any time, even if the information was altered by one or more non-destructive attacks, whether malicious or not.

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In our medical Application we have taken impaired growth hormone secretions as shocks so that the occurrence times of the "shocks" should be modeled as random.