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The tarantella dance has been a long-lasting topos of silent cinema. Strictly linked to the culture which produced it, Tarantella “starred” not only in Italian film productions, but also in foreign films, where this dance was considered a Neapolitan speciality, despite its regional variants and notwithstanding the shift brought about by the change of film genre and dance category (namely, ballet or folk dance). This presentation aims to provide an overview on the variants of Tarantella in silent cinema, declined in its diverse regional versions and dancing styles. It will also highlight the flection of the meaning behind them and what this implies for the female body.

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Lucia Di Girolamo has a PhD in Film History. Her books include Il cinema e la città, identità, riscritture e sopravvivenze nel primo cinema napoletano (2014, Ets), and Per amore e per gioco. Sul cinema di Pedro Almodóvar (2015, Ets). She has also an interest the representation of women in silent cinema , especially in Neapolitan productions. Currently, her research is centered on the relationship between myth and the contemporary motion picture industry. From 2008 to 2012 she was managing director of Cinemascope. Indipendent Film Journal, an on-line film studies revue.

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Criminal Justice studies at UGA is an interdisciplinary program jointly sponsored by the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Public and International Affairs (SPIA). As such, the major takes an academic (as opposed to a practitioner) approach by placing an emphasis on the substantive disciplines that help to inform the study and analysis of crime. Courses for the Criminal Justice Studies Program are offered by the cooperating departments of the two schools. These include political science, sociology, psychology, and others.


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The Avian Biology major at the University of Georgia provides broad training in practical applied science with strong grounding in general biology and chemistry to demonstrate the vital roles that birds play in human society. Students will have excellent opportunities to learn the basic principles of biology associated with reproduction, behavior, physiology, nutrition, diseases, and genetics as they relate to avian species. Courses in areas such as education, environmental protection, resource conservation, wildlife rehabilitation, and biomedical research are available and will prepare the student for employment in the trillion dollar global bird industry or admission to professional programs in veterinary medicine, pharmacy, medicine, law, and the biological sciences.

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The Biological Science major in the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences at the University of Georgia provides a flexible program of study integrating both biological and agricultural sciences. Students take courses in general biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, math, physics, and several electives to prepare for professional programs in veterinary medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, and medicine, or for advanced graduate degrees (Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy) in any of the biological sciences.

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Seventy-five years ago a group of scientists launched the first sustained nuclear chain reaction, commonly known as CP-1, at the University of Chicago under Stagg Field. This course will be part of the commemoration and reflection taking place across the University this fall. Its goal will be to explore the ensuing Nuclear Age from different disciplinary perspectives by organizing a ring-lecture. Each week’s lecture, delivered by faculty from fields across the university (for instance, Physics, Biomedicine, Anthropology, and English), will be followed by a discussion section to synthesize and integrate not only the material from the weekly lectures, but the many events happening at the University this fall. CP-1 was not only a scientific achievement of the highest magnitude, but also a civilization-changing event that remains at the boundary of the thinkable.

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Independence of mind, work ethic, disciplined attitude, creativity, and expression are essential qualities of students desiring to attain the Bachelor of Fine Arts with emphasis in Painting at the University of Georgia. Students with an interest in this major should bring enthusiasm and rigor and must also be able to engage in critiques of their work and others.