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Why is the legacy of these three scientists so important? Separately, each of them broke through the limitations of research current at the time to make a unique discovery; but, taken together, these three discoveries give us a fuller sense of the complexities of the human metabolic system. I wish to pay tribute to these researchers as they represent the cornerstone of our research in Metabolic Type Testing.

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But the good news is that this tendency can be undermined or eliminated by following the diet recommended for your Metabolic Type. While a tendency does not imply a predictable result, clearly it makes sense to do whatever one can to avoid such a result. Metabolic Typing can be seen as a powerful preventative tool that will help to minimize the possibility of developing these degenerative conditions, while maximizing the possibility of a long and healthy life.

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We live in exciting times for anyone interested in the life sciences. The Human Genome Project has amazed the world with the speed with which it has identified, or "decoded", all of the genes locked within the 23 pairs of chromosomes that are collectively known as our genome. These genes contain the blueprint for the structure and functioning of our bodies, and the implications of their decoding for the treatment of disease, the understanding of the aging process and, quite possibly, the significant extension of human life-span are profound.

After you are in the right "ballpark", you can fine-tune your diet using the questionnaire at:

Osteoporosis Prevention Protocol

There is a specific response of an individual to foods and nutrients; either autonomicor oxidative that exerts itself consistently and systematically.

3. Nutritional Supplement Considerations

Oxidative is the speed that tissues of the body converts food to energy
a. Fast oxidizers - acid blood
b. Slow oxidizers - alkaline blood

Nutritional Consideration: 500mg magnesium.

Acidosis and Alkalosis: Acidosis and alkalosis imbalances always involve respiratory (lung) function and kidney function. (Acidosis and alkalosis imbalances are not to be confused with oxidative or autonomic blood pH imbalances).

Nutrition – A Integral Part of Balance

Metabolism is defined as the sum total of all chemical and electrical reactions that take place in an organism (subnuclear,nuclear,cell,tissue,organ,organism).

Metabolic Balancing Workbook: The Rhythms of Life

The title of this essay, The End is the Beginning, is a phrase coined to point to the necessity of more research on Metabolic Typing. However much we know, there is always more that we do not know. It is inevitable that such research will happen, as Metabolic Typing represents the beginning of a new era in nutrition and medicine, one in which therapeutic protocols are specifically targeted to an individual's Metabolic Type. My own work has been to lay out a path for others to follow as they explore this fascinating new approach to nutrition.

pH & Your Health by Jan Johnson

Diet alone may not always be entirely sufficient to achieve total bodily harmony in the face of ongoing emotional stress, or the onslaught of toxic chemicals from mercury fillings, environmental pollution, and the contamination of our food, water and the very air we breathe. Overwhelming though these factors may seem to be, we are not helpless in cleaning up our act. We can choose to feed ourselves and our families organically grown food, drink pure water, have toxic dental work removed, and exert pressure on our elected officials to clean up the environment. We can also stay physically active, exercise regularly and be sure to get plenty of rest and sleep. All of these simple activities are vital to good health. We also need to be sensible, and to seek proper medical advice when necessary. Above all, we must strive to maintain a positive mental outlook on life. Our stay on earth is brief, so let us enjoy it to the hilt, savor each moment and each day, and maximize our experience through the cultivation of radiant health.