"Carbon Nanotube Electronics", (Springer, New York, 2009)

26-30.10.2015 LMSC participates at the Nanowire Growth Workshop and Nanowires 2015 in Barcelona.

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Chemically synthesizednanowires, in particular, offers a unique toolbox not only for highlycompact and integrated photonic modules and devices, including coherentand incoherent light sources, waveguides, photodetectors andphotovoltaics, but also for new types of nanoscopic bio-probes for spotcargo delivery and in-situ single cell endoscopy and sensing.

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Nanowire photodetectors have been attracting increased attention due totheir potential for very high sensitivity detection stemming from theunique properties of these quasi-one dimensional structures.

This work focuses on utilizing silicon nanowires towardscreating a very high responsivity detector sensitive to a wide range ofwavelengths from the ultraviolet to the near infrared spectrum.

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Itwas demonstrated that nanowire-based optical probe can deliver payloadsinto the cell with a high spatiotemporal precision, guide and confinevisible light into intracellular compartments selectively and detectoptical signals from the subcellular regions with high spatialresolution.

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The effective optical coupling between the fiber opticsand the nanowire enables highly localized excitation and detection,limiting the probe volume to the close proximity of the nanowire.