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The University has a well-established reputation for renewable and sustainable energy technologies.

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We will organize Kashiwa Sustainability Science Seminar Series 32 on Friday, August 3 at 10:30-12:00 at Lecture Room 3 on the third floor of the Environmental Building in the Kashiwa campus of the University of Tokyo. of UNU-MERIT in the Netherlands will discuss the Kyoto mechanisms and their impacts on the diffusion of renewable energy technologies in BRICS countries. Everyone is welcome to join us.

The University has a well-established reputation for renewable and sustainable energy technologies.

MSc thesis on perception of solar energy technology

and the Graduate School of Public Policy (GraSPP) will organize an international symposium, "Four Years after the Great East Japan Earthquake: Recent Trends of Innovation, Resilience, and Security and Implications for the Future" on Wednesday, March 11 in the Hongo campus of the University of Tokyo. In Session 2 on Stimulating Innovation in an Information-Intensive Environment: Opportunities and Challenges for Social Design and Management, Dr. Timothy Dalton of IBM Research in the United States will give a keynote speech, following which I will moderate panel discussion with leading experts on innovation for tackling societal challenges, including energy security, public health, environmental protection, and sustainability.

My research analyses the impact and engagement of people with renewable technologies.

My first degree was in Energy and Environmental Engineering which I followed with the MSc course with the intention of learning about renewable energy systems, graduating in 2000.

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The second day entailed a visit to the micro grid labs in St Sebastian, Spain – The laboratory houses JEMA IRIZAR group equipment, generates up to 100kw energy using green energy mainly solar energy and wind power. The Intelligent Microgrid Solutions project’ scope is to create an interoperable micro grid bases on IEEE802.3 standard, aiming to develop a power grid more efficient and reliable, to improve safety and quality of supply for the modern demands of the digital age. This micro intelligent network integrates different renewable generators (micro wind power turbine, PV converters, fuel cell) and storage technology (Super capacitors, Flywheel, Li-ion battery).

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Major & minor thesis
Depletion of fossil fuels, climate change and geopolitical tensions require us to rethink our energy system which is currently based on fossil fuels. Increasingly, landscape architects are involved in the design and planning of so called ‘sustainable energy landscapes’. They address questions such as How can renewable energy be integrated in existing landscapes? How will renewable energy technologies impact our landscape, and how can we as landscape architects contribute to sustainable energy transition? Moreover, how can landscape architects safeguard the sustainability of these developments?
If you are interested in questions like these, the design of sustainable energy landscapes could be a thesis subject for you. The subject is broad, including technical, landscape and the socio-cultural aspects. The scope of your thesis, of course, is to be specified in your thesis proposal, but the list below (for both major and minor theses) should be of help.
Note that the often runs design/research projects that your thesis could be connected with.

Specific thesis topics
(1) Typology and evolution of existing energy landscapes (minor thesis)
(2) Poetry on energy landscape/renewables/forces of nature (minor thesis)
(3) Energy democracy and landscape design (minor thesis)
(4) Offshore wind energy landscapes (major/minor thesis)
(5) Parkstad Limburg Energy Transition (major/minor thesis)
(6) Urban energy landscape in the Amsterdam region (major/minor thesis)
(7) Self-sufficient energy islands across Europe (major/minor thesis)

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The MSc course enhanced my previous working experience with additional technical background which, in the future, will help me develop business opportunities in the energy and environment sectors in Brazil.

Master Thesis On Renewable Energy

The course covers topics such as photovoltaic, wind, thermo-mechanical energy conversion systems, hybrid renewable energy systems, energy efficiency, building energy modelling and engineering optimisation.