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The MEM at the IES provided the perfect addition to my Environmental Sciences undergraduate degree. The multidisciplinary nature of the MEM enabled us to truly grasp the intertwining relationship between the economic, social, and environmental factors shaping our society and the choice of electives and research topics allows for one to formulate a specific career path. I focused my electives on Geographic Information Systems and took on the Research A topic to investigate the suitability of Green Roofs in the Sydney CBD.
My current job requires hands on people management experience to couple with the theoretical knowledge acquired during the MEM. The course instilled an understanding of a system-based approach critical to shifting the current trajectory of ‘business as usual’ towards a more sustainable future.

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MSc in Environmental and Resource Management;

Research is also an obvious career path. Students can apply for admission to the university’s PhD programme either after the first year of the MSc degree or following completion of the thesis.

and it is one of the leading groups of environmental management education in Sri Lanka.

The MEM provided me with the theoretical foundation to understand the complexity of sustainability, the scientific body of knowledge to inform my analysis of climate change implications, and the practical tools to help organisations adapt in a rapidly changing environment of increased risk and unfamiliar opportunity.
The degree is more comprehensive than current offerings by other institutions in order to accommodate the trans-disciplinary approach that is required by managers and executives to promote better decision-making. My degree has enabled me to apply a more rigorous analysis to strategic frameworks and enterprise risk management, and to engage in more robust interactions and ‘whole of organisation’ thinking.

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One of the greatest challenges of the twenty-first century is at the core of the MSc in Agro-Environmental Management programme. Nationally and globally there is a need for solutions that combine the increasing demand for food with sustainable management of nature, the climate and the environment.

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The application for the EnvEuro MSc programme in Environmental Science - Soil, Water and Biodiversity is now open for non-EU students. The application deadline is the 15th of January 2018

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With an MSc in Agro-Environmental Management, you will acquire a holistic understanding of agro-ecosystem processes and the interaction between agricultural production, nature and environmental management. You will be able to help make a difference by creating win–win situations that address these challenges.

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The MSc in Agro-Environmental Management builds on components from four core areas at Aarhus University, providing students with a broad education with specialised skills. We aim to provide a holistic understanding of the environment, nature, climate and agriculture. The broad base ensures that students are taught by leading international scientists within the main study areas.

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The programme looks at topics such as nutrient cycling and environmental management; environmental effects of various types of production; xenobiotics; use of natural resources; landscape ecology and biodiversity; geographic information systems; environmental legislation, regulation and administration; nature restoration; and climate change.