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Nice to know these information’s. But, I would like to know more new things about the moon.

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It has been said that moon landing is fake the picture and video of moonlanding Is was captured in USA only.
USA have so many area were no one have the permission to see inside the restricted area infact the satellite can also not capture a picture of that area and the aeroplane or helicopter are not allowed to go from there …
If the moonlanding is true then can you tell in zero gravity why the flag is waving, I know the reason but I wanna know how you prove it

When Neil Armstrong first steps onto the moon, how was there a camera taking video of him ? And please don’t say it’s attached to the lander…


6. When Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were heading out to explore the Moon they both had to remember not to fully close the door on the Landing Module behind them. The door was closed to prevent heat escaping from the cabin but not completely in case any the cabin was somehow repressurised, which could make it difficult to get the door open. Aldrin and Armstrong joked about leaving the door open:

8. Whenever you ask children what the astronauts who visited the Moon have left behind, the first hand up in the room always mentions the American flag. However, the fate of that flag is quite sad as it was later knocked over when Armstrong and Aldrin launched the Lunar Module back into lunar orbit to join with Collins in the Command Module. After Aldrin hit the button to begin the launch he looked out the window and watched as the infamous flag was blasted away with the rest of the material left behind on the lunar surface.

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2. One thing that surprised the astronauts who visited the Moon was the strong odour of the lunar dust which they were only able to smell when they got back inside the Lunar Module. While conducting experiments on the surface of the Moon the astronauts’ spacesuits gathered the moon dust in the creases of the suit, once the crew returned to the LM and removed their helmets the dust got everywhere even on their hands and faces (some astronauts even tasted it). After coming into contact with oxygen for the first time inside the Lunar Module, the four billion years old moon dust produced a pungent smell. As most of the astronauts had a military history they could compare the aroma to that of gun powder. Neil Armstrong described the dust’s scent as similar to to wet ashes in a fireplace. This distinct smell remains a mystery as moon dust and gun powder have no similar compounds and the exact explanation remains unknown.

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Dear World,
There is no doubt in my mind that human beings landed on the moon. I came across this site while double checking the exact date Neil And Buzz stepped on the lunar surface twenty minutes apart. I collect die cast models of the Apollo 11 Rocket, John Glenn’s Gemini capsule, and a model portraying the first two Americans on the surface of the moon placing the flag in front of a Newspaper headline describing the event. I find it interesting that on average there are 100 billion neurons in the human brain, 100 billion stars in a galaxy, and a 100 billion galaxies in the known Universe. As an engineer with a large corporation that used to make business machines, and a graduate degree born in 1965, I can think of no more personal words of relief than the words emanating from the lunar module, “Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed.” Not only does it make me grateful and proud to be an American, the same as it always has without degradation, in the sensation I feel, but grateful and thankful I was alive with all others on that day. Reminds me that it is as self evident that “all men are created equal”, and that some of those men walked on that one, largest, beautiful natural satellite I see every day weather permitting. Thank You Admin for your time and patience with those who believe it never happened. I can only hope that further scientific research of facts will convince you, and be able to enjoy the beauty of this awesome human accomplishment.

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The research on the giant impact investigated the isotopic composition of the Earth and the Moon because the idea was that the early Earth and Theia, the planet that hit it, had a different composition. The Earth and the Moon are a mixture of the materials that formed the early Earth and Theia mixed in different quantities so they should have a different isotopic distribution. Instead, all the analyzes shows that they are extremely similar.