Louis offers a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree in fiction and poetry

The Mountainview Low-Residency MFA in Fiction and Nonfiction

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An MFA student who has been absent (not enrolled) for more than two semesters, who has completed all coursework and needs only to defend the thesis in order to graduate, must do the following: Resubmit to the MFA coordinator an updated thesis proposal (including writing sample) by a date no later than one month before the end of the semester prior to the semester in which the student seeks to defend and graduate. The proposal should indicate how close the manuscript is to completion.

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At the end of each academic year, the graduates of the M.F.A

The requires students to submit theses in electronic PDF format. See the Thesis Guide housed in the right-column of

The also requires one paper copy of your thesis (see item #6 below) for archival in our thesis library in the MFA Resource Room.

The formatting/submission process is as follows:

The SFC low-residency MFA program format is tailored to the needs of aspiring career writers in New York City and beyond.

Egypt Kosloski, M.F.A. '17, was the recipient of the 2017 Plork Award for her book, Introduction to Emptiness, which she wrote and produced for her final graduate seminar project. The Plork Award honors a graduate student whose work best exemplifies the spirit of the M.F.A. program, exhibiting extraordinary creativity, originality and imagination in the integration of creative writing and book design. The award carries with it a $500 prize granted by the Carol Peirce Fund.

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10-day residencies convene twice per year, January 2nd - 12th and July 5th - 15th. Residencies consist of intensive faculty workshops, lectures and daily publishing panels with top agents, editors, and publishers. During the 6 months in between residencies, students will regularly exchange writing online with their faculty mentors, continuing the work that began in residency. Students will take 4 online workshops and attend 5 residencies to earn the 36 credits for their MFA degree. The 5th and final residency will culminate in a creative thesis—a novel, a chapbook of poetry or a short story collection.

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Our approach is realistic about the challenges of succeeding as a career writer. We offer access to the publishing world, freedom and flexibility to work and write, and among the most affordable programs in the country. Tuition for our 36 credit Master of Fine Arts is well below the national average, far below that of other New York City institutions, and comparable to public university programs.

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Degree Program Credits:
The Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing program consists of four semesters, each including one residency (4 credits) and one distance workshop (4 credits). A final graduation residency (4 credits) completes the program, for a total of 36 credits.

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These figures support the low-residency MFA structure as more suited to the reality of a working life as a writer. Traditional MFA programs that demand a full-time commitment, such as the 14 MFA programs in New York, do not allow aspiring writers a day or night job, and do not accurately represent the working life of the majority of professionals in the field.

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ENR Spotlight on Manasseh Franklin. Manasseh graduated with a joint degree in Creative Writing and ENR. She wrote her MFA thesis on glaciers and spent time exploring the glaciers of North America with the generous assistance of the ENR program and the Creative Writing program.