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Several concepts for electronic music and audio processing have emerged at IRCAM

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Boot Squad - Several maxlets (apps written using MAX, MSP and NATO). Also hosts most recent version of NATO modular reference utensil. CNMAT MAX and MSP Externals - Objects for communication with MAX/MSP over UDP, DSP based Objects like . A lot of smaller MSP externals like Granola (a granulating pitch shifter) and Phasemod (phase modulated sine wave). Eric Singer's Max Patches - Aiff. Player, Text- to- Speech, a CD clipper and more.

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Can a modular synthesiser ever really be called "minimalist"? Well, maybe if you're comparing it to deep graphical sound design behemoths like Max/MSP, Reaktor or Kyma - yet the graphically pared-down Audulus has plenty in common with those far more expensive monsters, too.

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As the software was never a perfect fit for Opcode Systems, the firm ceased actively developing it in the mid- 9. The current commercial version of Max has since been distributed by Zicarelli's company, Cycling '7. Named Max Signal Processing (MSP), or for the initials of Miller S. Puckette, this add- on package for Max allowed manipulating digital audio signals in real- time, allowing users to create their own synthesizers and effects processors (Max had formerly been designed to interface with hardware synthesizers, samplers, etc. Though nato became increasingly popular among multimedia artists, its development stopped in 2. Canadian media artist David Rokeby developed Soft.

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