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 Psychology required courses: 6302 (required only if needed for leveling), 6314

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This Masters’ study programme provides a blend of knowledge from electrical engineering and computer science, building upon the solid foundation achieved during Bachelor studies.

The Master study programme in Medical Engineering prepares specialists in medical physics.

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The Master study programme is designed for graduates who want to deepen their knowledge and skills in computer science, software engineering, theory of computer systems development, database technologies, programming languages, software development environments and artificial intelligence.

The Master study programme will furnish students with the practical applied knowledge and additional values needed to succeed in this area.

Other Application Deadlines: Applications for the Applied Psychology program will be reviewed beginning on March 1 for fall admissions and October 1 for spring admissions. Applications received by these dates will receive priority and will be processed before registration so new students can register on time for a better selection of classes. After the priority deadlines, applications will be reviewed when they are received and students will be admitted based on space available in the program. Priority Admission Review:

Successful graduates may also continue their education at the doctoral study programmes after receiving the master’s degree.

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The aim of this study programme is to enable professionals to master systems thinking and engineering sciences and to be able to use, choose, develop and acquire information and communication technology (ICT) solutions that enable enterprise development.

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Furthermore, the unique major-minor structure of the programme ensures that students get involved in advanced courses in at least two of the aforementioned areas of Psychology, one of which is chosen as their major. Finally, the programme has a strong international orientation. The teaching staff has an extensive international network, and cooperates on a regular basis with top-level researchers across the world. Students are explicitly encouraged to spend parts of their research training abroad.

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The aim of the Master study programme is to provide students with an in-depth theoretical knowledge in compliance with the master’s level education and national standards for academic education, as well as develop research skills necessary for analysts of economic processes and industry specialists to resolve economic problems and take decisions in today’s changing economy.

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Taught by international top researchers, the Research Master's programme offers a unique opportunity to further specialise in any area of psychology including:

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The Research Master’s programme is firmly embedded in the experimental approach to psychology that characterizes the psychology programme at the University of Amsterdam. Specialised courses are taught in informal, highly interactive small groups settings. In addition to content-related courses covering all areas in psychology, the programme offers a series of advanced courses on research methods and statistics, programming and computer skills, and writing and presentation skills. Central to the Research Master’s programme are two separate research projects (Internship and Thesis). In principle, papers based on these research projects should qualify for publication in international academic journals.

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The academic Master programme Electronics has orientation on training of the students for continuation of studies at the Doctoral programme as well as for work in all enterprises and organisations where highly educated specialists in electronics are needed.