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The thesis may not be a digest of known results from the literature, a summary of a published report, company classified or government classified material, or dependent for its background on other non-available reports. The thesis topic should be chosen by mutual agreement between the student and a member of the faculty. The thesis must be approved by the student's thesis committee. The committee consists of the thesis supervisor and two other faculty members who are appointed by the Graduate Committee in consultation with the thesis supervisor. The advisor and members of the thesis committee must be members of the Graduate Faculty in Computer Science.

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We offer other students opportunities to enhance their education through an undergraduate minor in Computer Science and a combined Computer Science BS/MS program, a CISCO Networking Academy, and for graduate students only, the Certificate in Object Oriented Computing and a sequence of graduate level computing courses for those without a background in computing.

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The Master of Science in Engineering in Computer and Information Science degree program is designed to allow flexible planning of advanced study. The MSE student develops their own advanced study focus, and can arrange interdisciplinary programs in such areas as CIS and Telecommunications, CIS and Computational Linguistics, CIS and Biomedical Computation, etc. Graduate studies in the Department offer the possibility for rewarding exploration and research. This is a uniquely exciting place to be. .

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This course is the capstone of the MS/MIS program and as such it must be taken during one of the last two semesters of the student's program. Six elective courses may be selected from additional Information Systems courses or (with prior approval by the MS/MIS program academic advisor) other related areas of specialization such as Management, Decision Science, Computer Science, Entrepreneurship, Logistics, etc.

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The Master of Computer Science (MCS) is a professionally oriented degree program that consists of 11 courses (44 units) to be completed in four or five quarters. Coursework includes 5 core courses, including 2 capstones, 6 elective courses and a one-quarter optional summer internship component. Nearly all courses have a lab component that will allow for a more supervised hands-on learning environment with a stronger emphases on practical applications and implementation.

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The Doctoral Program in Computer and Information Science welcomes candidates with strong training in any of the disciplines related to modern information processing, with an emphasis on computer science and mathematics. Research and teaching form the essence of our doctoral program. Our curriculum is designed to develop the intellectual skills essential for the rapidly changing character of research and to meet the demands of academe and industry. Students develop their own advanced study focus, working with faculty mentors on topics ranging from the core computer science discipline to diverse scholarly interactions within Penn Engineering and the University. .

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There are two required capstone courses that will be taught concurrently. These will be offered in summer and fall of each year. The first capstone is the . The design project will involve taking a new idea from conception to prototype development and validation. Projects will draw on skills learned in several of the courses in the curriculum and will be initiated by computer science faculty or by our corporate affiliates. The second capstone is . This course will involve the development of the project design and will also include assignments related to other aspects of the student’s professional career.