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Also, a lot of places to learn martial arts have been popping up all over the world.

With the arrival of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu on the martial arts scene, ..

1,2,3 Everybody Let's Say EN-TRO-PY!
- takes part in the at Earl Lu Gallery.
- co-performs with Lee Wen on at the Singapore Management University.
Kakim Goh - born Singapore: emigrated to Canada 1986, spent 5 years at Mexican art colony San Miguel de Allende, oil painting and print-making and new media works in private collections around the world.
- website: NAFA alumni, Indian female artist who practices traditional Chinese painting and inspired by feng shui ; protege of Tan Khim Ser, Life Art Society member.
Kang Siong Joo - MASS member.
- Australian installation artist who has been living in Singapore for the last few year, works alone or in collaboration; member of Plastique Kinetic Worms in 2002.
KarenLouise Pereira - installation artist who staged .
KarenOlbery - expatriate artist based in Singapore who is a member of group 90.
Karl Kerridge - showed at the.
- works based on what and how she feels as a female.
- Singaporean Chinese who now resides in Cananda, digital image artist.
Katsumi Okashino, Colin - sculptor, SSS member.
- she looks into historical texts and culture for inspiration in her paintings.
KeeChin Mun - Chinese calligraphy artist.
Kee Meng Cheng - winner.
- artist and musician who creates video works, and Singapore finalist representative at the Philip Morris Asean Art Awards in 2002, member of TIRAMISU.
Kelvin Tan - works include the use of the Teddy Bear as an icon of contemporary youth culture, showed at the print show .
Ken Kua - Singaporean sculptor who was pursuing a Masters at Endinburgh in 2004.
Ken Seet - photographic artist and recipient of Young Artist Award in 2003.
Kenneth Chee - showed with Gary Lim, as part of Antfarm Design, at
- Masters of Architecture (Digital Media) University of Adelaide, show Stroke City at MonsoonAsia.
Keong Hean Keng - member of the nude-illustration group, Group 90.
- Uganda born artist and Architecture Association trained architect now inSingapore whose works are with mixed media drawing and paint media on canvasand paper and whose subject matter is third world issues.
- born 1974: website: artist with his blog site, his previous site was Subgrow, curator of the Berita Harian show.
- born 1969: member of Plastique Kinetic Worms in 2002, graduated with a Master of Arts in Fine Art (Painting) at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts, Singapore in 2002, received The Della Butcher Award (Certificate of Merit) in 1996 and the JCCI Arts Award (Arts Section) in 2000.
- born 1971: graduated from Swarthmore College, employs perspective photography in his art-making.
Khoo Chek Miang, Michael - born 1938: watercolorist whose theme is the nude.
- born 1977: BFA (Curtin) / NAFA, painter and installation artist, works evocative of septia-tinted anatomic dissection specimens that are mysterious and paradoxically erotic.
- digital manipulation of captured light photography as art.
- poet-artist who has showed in America and Singapore, and who explores the terrain between art and poetry, post-colonial identity, environmentalism, and trans-nationalism.
KhooSeng Kong - traditional Chinese calligraphy artist.
- realistic painter, portraits,scenery.
- Chinese calligrapher-artist.
KhooSui-Hoe - semi-abstract realistic painter of the Western painterly style, whodepicts "human figures - abstract, analogical and yet complex in itssimplicity".
KhorEan Ghee - born 1934: watercolorist with show at 2001, shows across Asia, BA Fine Arts Taiwan Normal University, Fellow, Chartered Society of Designer, England, Fellow, British Institute in Interior Design.
- 1936 - 1997: tribute to local sculptor at the Singapore Art Museum; studied at St Martin's School of Art, London (1954-56), and the Slade School of Fine Art (1956-60).

Recli, Sarah. The Spirit of Martial Arts Amidst Modernity. Brighton: Yin-Yang Books, 2011. Print.

That was the first time I witnessed martial arts in ..

- Masters of Arts (with Honours) Contemporary Art from Paris University, MA Museology, artist and manager of SG Private Banking Gallery at Alliance Francaise who participated in the Housework Project show.
Nathalie Junod Ponsard - Singapore-based French installation artist who installs translucent vinyl films to interplay light, color, geometry and space, and who has collaborated in the theatre piece
- member of Buffer-Kit, participated in the Australian-Singaporean show 10:10.
- member of Buffer-Kit.
Neo Kim Chye - born 1951: NAFA trained: watercolorist and oil painter in the realistic style.
Ng Chai Kim - knownfor an installation with sugarcanes that casts shadows on the floor and presents a maze, SSS member, niece is Janice Yap.
- born 1975: website: trained NAFA in Fine Arts, Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences NUS, recipient Georgette Chen Scholarship, paints, sketched, and sculptures in a realistic style.
- 1934 - 2001: late culturalmedallion recipient sculptor known for his bronze casts of human forms; Ng Eng Tenghas donated many works to the National University of Singapore.
Ng Geok Seng - oil and acrylic painter.
Ng Hock Tin - Chinese ink paintingartist.
- born 1975: Shell-NAC scholar, he pursued a MFA at the Kent Institute of Art & Design, UK, and had solo show in 2003, his works in 2003 are on microbiology, and he has a studio at Telok Kurau Artists' Studios.
- photo-artist who focuses on primarycolor fields.
- trained Slade School of Fine Arts (Printmaking) 1993, NAFA 1989, artist and printmaker, focuses on the use of the human form in her works.
Ng Kwee King - watercolorist of scenery.
- website: freelance cat-crazed artist, mainly working on traditional mediums, currently collaborating a shared website with a designer friend to promote and experiment on crafts and t-shirt design, member of Sloth Studio.
NgSiew Boon -, the 2002 show, and ,the 2003 show.
- figurative painter who includes multitudes of bodies in a darklandscape, obtained Masters from Austrian Art Institute, and Bachelors from theBeijing Central Institute of Fine Arts.
- installation workfeatured; she is noted for her witty work of the improvised "found"battery-propelled ball which rolls along the floor ofSculpture Square purring to be bought.
- 1996 BA Arts NUS, 2000 BFA University of Sydney, artist who exhibited inUrban Artists 2002, Nokia Singapore Arts 1999, MASS and TKS member.
- born 1971 Malaysia: website: BFA Painting (School of Fine Art of Chicago), watercolor, oil painter, and sculptor whois trained in applied materials engineering at the National University, has exhibited in Canada and America, and has resided and worked in Chicago.
- born 1954: graduated Nanyang University: technically engaging artist, works in oil such as , has won local competitions such as Dr Tan Tzse Chor Award.
- co-founder member of the Modern Art Society in 1964.
Nguyen Binh Thanh - practising artist dealing with various socio-political issues, sets up and r
- photographic medium artist.
Nicholas Chai - showed at the show.
Nick Ng - trained artist who founded Fundamental Multi-disciplinary.
- website: Malay female artist with a diverse expression outlets.
NoSleep Required, aka Heman Chong - video artist with several installations todate, and who has collaborated with Tan Kay Syng - see above.
- born 1969: female installation artist who has worked with ultra-sound imaginary of the womband light-box projections and who has participated in the Fukuoka Asian Triennale.
- biodata and interview statements of this Young Artist Award recipient in 2003.
- born 1973: Malay male performance artist, theatre director, playwright, curator, takes part in STOPOVER and 7th Castle of Imagination.
- website: NAFA 1999, BFA University of Huddersfield 2002: artist and art educator, designer, intrigued by how our mind perceive and comprehend our reality in the context of identity and everyday cultures.
- Malay Singaporean female artist trained electrical engineer, based in Switzerland in 2004, majored in fine arts at LaSalle, artist who is a member of APAD and TAV, and showed at show.
Nurasyikin Bte Hamzah - trained at La Salle, showed at Travelogue.
- collage works with gold foiland Chinese calligraphy, and has a unique series of works called , member of Sculpture Society.
Ong Chye Cho - 1916 - 1996: born in Indonesia, watercolorist, known for his orchid paintings, founder member of the Singapore Watercolor Society, shown at the Royal Society of Marine Artists, London in 1980, 1982 and 1983.
OhMei Li - NAFA printmaking graduate participates in at Utterly Art.
- born 1963: Singaporean artist living in Belgium; her works are of predominantly that of the naked human body, primarily the female, which are depicted sensuously in various poses that are composed to provoke thought; she is represented by Taksu gallery and Opera Gallery in Singapore, her work is collected by the NUS Art Museum.
- Korean artist, Singapore permanent resident, trained at RMIT, her works are painted abstracts in a 'lacquer-style' that is meditative and alluring, participated in Arts Invitational 2004.
- partnered with Leo Ong and Claire Lim in the show
-installation artist, Goldsmith College graduate who participated in and show and who also graduated from the National Institute of Education, Perumal studio mate.
Ong Jenn Long - NAFA alumni, approach includes cropping solitude figures in unidentified places, stimulating and raising questions of whether the things we see around us are real or mere apparition; media favored are oil, pastel and charcoal.

It comes as no surprise that the percentage of people doing martial arts today has greatly increased in the United States and the rest of the world.

Article About Martial Arts capoeira: dancelike martial. At ballet dancers showed more activation in the premotor cortex when observing ballet dancing than when observing a martial arts.

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