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My Wife Has Had Sex Before Marriage

Those couples who are in a cohabiting relationship and who come to the Church for marriage preparation represent only a percentage of the total cohabiting population. Nonetheless, to understand and respond to them one must appreciate some aspects of the broader phenomenon of cohabitation. This, in turn, is set within a context of widespread sexual activity outside of marriage. In this section we provide highlights of what social science has discovered about cohabitation in general and with specific reference to cohabiting couples who eventually marry. 3

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While all of this research is interesting, and while it contributes to our store of knowledge, many questions remain. These papers do not settle the question of parents in same-sex relationships, but they, along with , do warn us that the matter is still in doubt. The peremptory endorsement of same-sex parenting by the American Psychological Association has created a misleading impression on the part of policy makers about the strength of the existing evidence for the “no difference” hypothesis, while it has undoubtedly discouraged needed research on the still unsettled matter of how and why the outcomes of same-sex parenting differ from parenting by married heterosexual parents. When science and politics intersect, the consequences can be toxic for the former. Some have suggested that the instability of lesbian couples is due to the absence of a marriage option, though the Canadian study casts doubt on this assertion, as does on lesbian registered partnerships in Sweden, which indicates that there, too, the risk of divorce is over twice that for heterosexual marriages.

The first question someone not immersed in the empirical social-science literature might ask is, “Why is this so complicated? Aren’t there enough studies already for us to have settled these questions?” Two of the main reasons we still have a lot to learn on this subject have to do with the technical issues of bias and power. These are statistical terms of art with somewhat misleading names.

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A personal preference for joint custody however, whatever it isbased on, and however entitled each of us may be to hold our personal preferencesnevertheless cannot be defended as having been chosen based on scientificfindings that the arrangement results in better post-litigation outcomesfor children and their families.

Doe v. Michigan (E.D. Mich. 1989) - Boston College

Even if the custody evaluationreviewers are arguably more scientific in certain ways in order to counterthe initial evaluator's opinions, the "crafting of scientific custodyevaluations" remains a posture ignoring that it was inappropriatein the first place to burden a litigant who disagrees with the recommendedarrangement with a second opponent in court arging for what are, at thecore, his own personal preferences.

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We can take up whatever reason that appeals to our conscience or even ego to prove a point, just as you refuse the husbands right to even ask her past, the same way an incredibly rich guy can assert that he can have many mistresses as he like and wife can’t question him instead she should be grateful that he choose her because he comes with obvious benefits.

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While MHPs market their opinions even wherethere is no research science to support them, as presumably a deeper andmore thorough, implicitly mistake-free analysis conducted by a uniquelystrong mind, as a rule, this is misrepresentation and not what is happeningin practice.

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Forexample, the MHP community's general accession to political rhetoric suchas a child's "need for two parents" or the custody factor thefriendly parent doctrine, neither of which are grounded in any kind ofscience of the sort in which the MHP is supposed to be "expert"in opining in court on what is in the best interests of "this child."No "expertise" is required here, and any judge is equally --and easily arguably more -- capable of applying law, public policy, politicalideology, or even his own unscientific personal preferences to the factsand evidence of a case.