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Regions (e.g., cities and municipalities) that the States of Germany have reported to the as having inadequate broadband Internet coverage (fixed network or mobile communications) are referred to as "." These regions are mainly located in rural areas; coverage is being expanded as part of Telekom’s "More Broadband for Germany" project.

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Strength, especially around the is essential to optimal performance in golf. An effective golf swing requires the golfer to maintain a table base (lower extremities and pelvis) while rotating the mass of the torso, upper extremities, and head. The higher the velocity of rotation of this mass, the greater the strength of the core required.

is an essential reference tool in understanding the economic position and survival options of the world's leading steelmakers.

Panel VI: Universal hedging of the steel price risk: The unexpected solution?
Moderator: Peter Marcus, Managing Partner, World Steel Dynamics, USA
Panellists: Presentation from the Dalian Commodity Exchange, China
John Conheeney, Executive Vice President, World Steel Exchange Marketing, USA
Young-Jin Chang, Director of Metals, CME, USA

is an essential reference tool in understanding the economic position and survival options of the world's leading steelmakers.

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The Chinese steel demand outlook, its structure and response to new conditions is one of the major "wild cards" in the global steel industry outlook for the next five years. Given that, in 2014, it produced 50% of the world's crude steel and 60% of the world's pig iron, China's impact on the global steel marketplace cannot be underestimated.

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This 640-page Core Report CC integrates the operating and financial data of the world's leading steelmakers in a comparative, analytical and comprehensive format. For the 35 reporting producers the analysis covers:

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We consider these reports a must for steel producers, traders and users who are concerned with the marketing and availability of steel products. is priced at $4,000 to non-subscribers, or is included in an annual subscription to World Steel Dynamics.

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PANEL I: International: The Smaller the World – The Bigger the Thinking
Moderator: Edwin Basson, Director General, World Steel Association, Belgium
Panelists: Kazuo Fujisawa, General Manager, JFE Steel, Japan
Alexey Kulichenko, Chief Financial Officer, Severstal, Russia
John Lichtenstein, Managing Director, Global Metals Industry Practice, Accenture
Ali Aydin Pandir, Chairman & Managing Director, ERDEMIR
Louis Schorsch, CEO Americas, ArcelorMittal

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PANEL IV: China & Developing World: Clash of the MegaCoastal Plants
Moderator: Philipp Englin, CEO, World Steel Dynamics
Panelists: Jayant Acharya, Director, JSW Steel, India
Michael Elliott, Global Mining & Metals Sector Leader, Ernst & Young
Li Xinchuang, President & Chief Engineer, China Metallurgical Industry Institute, China
Edward Meng, CFO, China Gerui Advanced Materials Group, China
Wu Wenzhang, CEO, Steelhome, China
Atsushi Yamaguchi, Senior Analyst, UBS Securities Japan Ltd., Japan